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Derives from the foundation

Stichting Cervantes Benelux

within the framework of

Governing is Anticipating

Representatives of Dutch governmental parties of
Purple I and II
Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
Asociación Instituto Cervantes Madrid


the promotion of Spanish language and culture
the promotion of Dutch-Spanish and English-Spanish collaboration projects in the most ample way
development of van humanitarian projects in Spanish speaking countries on a non commercial basis.

Executed actions:

Letters to

H.R.M. Queen Beatrix of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Bij de vijfde mei, Gelukwens Karlsprijs, Karlspreis, Convocaties, Landgoed de Horsten te Wassenaar (1), Overwegingen, Uw schrijven 567/96/cvb, Huwelijk, Landgoed de Horsten te Wassenaar (2), Een Droom van Rood en Geel, Schittering van Spanje.

H.R.H. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands Announcement, Dank.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands Stichting Cervantes Benelux, Uw schrijven 96/wa/mjv, Kroonprins Philippe van België, Koningsschap, Gelukwens, Uitnodiging, Uw reactie van 8 augustus op mijn brief van 31 juli, European Cervantes Foundation, Koningschap, Gelukwens, A Sus 33 Años, A Sus 34 Años, Huwelijk, Uw kenmerk 02/wa/mjv, Felicidades (1), Felicidades (2).

H.R.H. Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands Convocatie, Operationalisering, Britse Partner.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Filip of Belgium Uitnodiging, Uw brief d.d. 12 september 1996, European Cervantes Foundation, Koningschap, Bezoek aan Brussel, Ontvangstbevestiging

H.R.H. Archiduke Henri of Luxemburg Invitation.

H.R.M. King Juan Carlos of Spain and H.R.H. Crown Prince Felipe of Spain Fundación Cervantes Benelux, En conmemoración del 5 de mayo, Audiencia destinado a Su Majestad el Rey, Manual del Príncipe, Invitación, Tender la Puente y Audiencia destinado al Príncipe de Asturias.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales Support, Photograph, Ambassadorship, Your Letter of the 23d, Communication, Developments, Communication, Support, Heart Foundation, Lighthouse, Application, Assessment, Developments, A New Bridge, London Visit, Golden Heart Foundation, Partnership, Cervantes Plan, Question 28, Business Proposal, The 28th of November, New Product, Christmas Greetings, Doing Business in a Responsible Way, Follow Up, Christmas, Business Agreement, Developments, Fantasy or Reality, Meditation, Christmas Present, Report, Match Moves, Core Business, Perfect Match, Request, Expansion, London Visit, Feedback, Recommendation, Decision, The Project of Projects, Direct Method, Images, Engagement, Astrology, Start of Our Organization, The Purple Tie, Strategical Perspective 2000, My next station will be Victoria Station, Point of No Return, Valentine, Angel of Angola, Foundation Princess Diana Fund, Queen of Hearts, Foundation Cervantes Benelux, Plea to the lawyer of the Association Instituto Cervantes Madrid, Green Light, The King, Educational Plan for Prince William, High Council of Nobility, Instituto Cervantes England and Wales, The Changing of The Guards, Stratford-upon-Avon, Why not John?, Proposed Marriage to Lady Diana Princess of Wales, How to build the bridge and to become the partner, Little Johannes, Letter No 97/88 of the Hoge Raad van Adel d.d. 4 april 1997, Red roses again, Your Coronation, Eurotop Amsterdam, We organize to suit you, Happy Birthday, Proposed Engagement Day, Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, Sus Majestades los Reyes de Europa, Government Game Competition, Proposal to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed, Letter Procedure 97 / 2152 BELEI R08 II G32, SOLVING THE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, The Ultimate Preparations, The Last Post.

The British Royal Family Education, Honourable Proposal, Letters, Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales, Last Will on behalf of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, Change of address, Last Will on behalf of H.R.H. Prince William, Eight Years Later and Correction.

Earl Charles Spencer Report 37, Report 38, Report 39, Renewed Visit and Request.

Lady Sarah MacCorquodale European Cervantes Foundation, Letters and Change of Address.

Stichting Wereldouders Ontvangstbevestiging, Stichting Cervantes Benelux, Uw brief van 18 juli, European Cervantes Foundation, Uw brief van 12 februari 2004.