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Instituto Cervantes NBLEW. P.O. Box 689. NL 3500 AR UTRECHT Kingdom of Netherlands. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. CLARENCE HOUSE. LONDON SW1A 1BA UNITED KINGDOM. Date: 24 September 2005. Concerns: EIGHT YEARS LATER Reference: 20050924JHPC. Dear Royal Highness, I would like to thank you for your letter of the 26th of April of this year signed by Mrs. Claudia Holloway with the message

"I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 5th April to The Prince of Wales. It was kind of you to take the trouble to write as you did and your comments have been noted. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Claudia Holloway."

The text of the mentionned letter of the 5th of April was:

Nijmegen, 5th of April 2005 Royal Highness, We would like to congratulate You on Your New Future Path starting next Saturday 9th of April. I hope our mutual problem as being expressed in my letter JH/PC980918 of the 18th of September 1998 will be solved before your Wedding Day. Yours Sincerely, John L. van der Heyden".

I followed Your Wedding with great interest via television and noticed a lot of familiar places. The Guild Hall of Windsor for example.


I hope You solved those problems behind the closed doors in the presence of all of them who believe in Our Plans. As You know - without the intervention of the management of Harrods Knightsbridge in London and Paris - I would have married your First Wife and Mother of Your Children on the 28th of September 1997 in the Royal Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands. I believe the time to reveal THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH has arrived now. Therefore I tell You my story.

These days you will receive from Trafford Publishing in Canada my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales It is the official edition of the manuscript that I delivered with Christmas 1997 at BUCKINGHAM PALACE on behalf of Your Mother, Kensington Palace on behalf of The Office of Diana, 10 Downing Street on behalf of The Prime Minister, Christie's King Street on behalf of Lord Balfour, Kings College Cambridge on Christmas Day on behalf ot The Royal Library, Althorp House on behalf of the Spencer Family and finally Reverend David Brindley of St. Mary's Church in Warwick whom I had invited to consecrate my proposed Holy Matrimony in Apeldoorn. In my book you can find the most important information about my strategy at the time. I quote the information of Trafford Publishing.

435 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #01-0341; ISBN 1-55212-939-X; US$31.99, C$51.99, EUR33.80, £23.50 Author John L. Van der Heyden writes: "On the 14th of August 1996 I decided to start a Dutch-English family company 'Van der Heyden/Spencer' as from the day of Princess Diana's divorce - 28 August 1996 - under the name 'Instituto Cervantes'. As from that day I became Her personal advisor. I proposed a marriage to Her on 28 December 1996, starting on 28 September 1997. She was kidnapped in Paris exactly four weeks before."

About the Book

In April of 1992 (correction: March 1992) John L. Van der Heyden registered a trademark for courses, trainings and education at the Benelux Trade Registrar in The Hague with the name Instituto Cervantes and founded the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. Four years later, on the 31st of July he invited the Crown Princes of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain to become the government of the foundation. The next day -- the first of August -- Van der Heyden went to England and lighted a candle at Canterbury Cathedral. From that time it became clear to him that Princess Diana was also interested in his project. How things developed from that time is explained in Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. The story ends with the fatal kidnapping in Paris, exactly four weeks before Diana and Van der Heyden's proposed wedding day in The Netherlands.

About the Author

John L. Van der Heyden was born in Nijmegen in The Netherlands, shortly after the Second World War. After having finished his secondary education and the teacher's training college he became a teacher of primary education and studied Spanish Language and Literature. From 1979 until 1987 he was a company director of a well-known language institute in The Netherlands. In February 1986 he decided during Expolangues in Paris to start a new company with the basic idea to create a better understanding between Dutch-, English-, and Spanish-speaking people. Therefore he took a course in general management at the Management Institute of the Dutch Employers' Organization 'de Baak' in Noordwijk where he also was a member of the Board until summer 1991. As from that time he planned the new company 'Instituto Cervantes' and advised the Secretaries of State of the Dutch Government in several letters. Therefore the Dutch Government was called 'Purple' because of the house colour of the Instituto Cervantes Benelux. This was also expressed in a British newspaper in the final line of a limerick in the summer of 1997 with the text 'And now their faces are Purple as Heather'. After Princess Diana's awful death in Paris he retired in Spain but still hopes that his Dream will come true by the publishing of this book.

In my vision my relationship to your former wife started already in February 1992 after You had decided to separate. I visited Expolangues in Paris at the time. It was the first time that Diana presented herself in our house colours red and purple before the Taj Mahal in India. To be honest I did not know that She was working with my plans at that time already. It came about at the time that I started a correspondence with our Prime Minister, mr. Wim Kok, in The Netherlands. After the day of Your divorce, the 28th of August 1996, I took the following actions to make Our Dutch-British Family Company possible. After She visited my place on the 8th of September 1996 I started to write to Her with all kind of instructions, from which I believe that She followed them all. With Christmas 1996 She invited me to come and celebrate Christmas in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden, the cradle of our Royal Family. That's why I proposed to Her immediately - after intensive personal consideration considering all the responsibilities - on the 28th of December 1996 after having founded the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes for England and Wales. The 9th of December 1996 I had already informed Your Prime Minister, Mr John Major, about our commitments. During his following meeting with our Prime Minister I requested on the 7th of January 1997 Mr. Wim Kok in a fax message to mediate for an official British approval for our engagement if Diana would accept my proposal. In the same period I received my appointment as the Company Director of Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales from Mr. John Holden from Companies House in Cardiff. To acknowlege receipt of this appointment I sent him my confirmation on the 6th of February 1997. To me it was clear that Diana had accepted my proposal being conscious of the fact that She used a hidden agenda. Therefore I decided to sell my house in Nijmegen and come to live in the United Kingdom in good collaboration with our estate agencies Soeteman in Nijmegen and Maxwell-Heppell in Warwick to set up Our Company in Stratford-upon-Avon to bring the historical ideas of Cervantes and Shakespeare together in one place within the basic ideas of European Integration. My first concern was the Education of Your children and by having been a teacher on primary educational level together with all the other personal rights and experiences I considered myself the only person in the world who would be able to solve the crisis in which both of You found Yourself at the time. As from that moment I dedicated myself for one hundred percent to solve Your Constitutional Crisis. Therefore I came over to England from the 17th until the 30ieth of April 1997 as you can read on the pages 207-232 of my book. I delegated my authorities of Our Company to Diana on the 18th of April 1997 in a written and registered letter posted at the post-office of Lower Regent Street near St. James's Palace on official paper of my INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX.

Because She was not at home at the moment that I visited St. James's Palace on that Day. The most important meeting was on the 23d of April 1997 from 14.00 till 15.00 at ETON COLLEGE with Sergeant David Sharp. We agreed that I would continue writing to Diana and that I should receive an official letter from Kensington Palace in the first week of September. So I was convinced that everything was on schedule. I sent all my post to Diana as registered letters and advised Her to get in touch with potential capital investors in Our Company. After my return in The Netherlands I invited Her to come over to Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden in the weekend of 12th until the 13th of July 1997 to finish all the preparations for the 28th of September in our former Royal Palace in Apeldoorn. Remarkably enough She did not appear. After having studied most publications of that period until the 31st of August 1997 I have established that this must have been the result of an illegal action of the Chairman of Harrods Knightsbridge on the 11th of July to avoid our meeting. In that period I visited England again from 17th until 21st August to deliver my Certificate of Incorporation at Kensington Palace and HAMPTON COURT PALACE as being described in my letter Honourable Proposal of the 27th of August 1997 to Your Mother Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the pages 404-418 of my book As You see I always followed the Legal Way, which can not be said of the management of Harrods Knightsbridge. Diana was fatally kidnapped in the night of the 31st of August 1997 in Paris. Mr. Mohamed Al Fayed has already stated that his son intended to take Her to his appartment. Against Her free will. Therefore I sent a fax message on the 15th of September 1997 to Your Ambassador in The Hague, Dame Rosemary Spencer, in which I have declared Mr Mohamed Al Fayed completely responsible for Princess Diana's death. Nevertheless everything went wrong after that moment. It started with the publication of the false last will of Princess Diana as described in my letter to You of the 18th of September 1998. Afterwards Princess Diana's butler Mr. Paul Burrell was accused of theft because of the fact that Diana had ordered him to safeguard Her belongings directly after the foundation of Our Company. After what happened in Paris in the last week of August 1997 I got in a state of complete shock as You may imagine. Therefore I sent a power of attourney to my colleague Drs. E.H. Halbertsma. At that moment statutary director of the Management Institute of the Dutch employer's organization VNO-NCW to solve all the problems after the unrequested intervention of the management of Harrods Knightsbridge. All those unrequested interventions in our personal matters have caused a delay of more than eight years of the development of Our Company. I had to wait in writing this letter to You until MY COMPLETE TRUE STORY would have been confirmed by the people who were directly involved in the situation. The fact that Princess Diana had not any intention to marry the son of the Chairman of Harrods Knightsbridge meanwhile has been confirmed by Her closest friends and confidents Mr. Paul Burrell and the ladies Rosa Monckton, Lucia Flecha de Lima and Lana Marks. I delivered my Last Will on the 28th of December 1999 on behalf of your oldest son William at Balmoral Castle with the message During my Life this Last Will can be changed the same way as Your Mother's Last Will has been changed in December 1996. This of course with the basic intention that


Therefore - as from now - I request Your HISTORICAL COLLABORATION - to solve this problem for now and evermore. Therefore I expect as been stated in my last Message from the Seventh Heaven in Torremolinos the following revelations:

The POINTS OF ACTION remain intact until they have been executed.

1. The publication of the Last Will of Princess Diana of December 1996
2. The reaction to the content of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
3. A legal judgement by a British Magistrate or Her Royal Majesty The Queen
4. Compensation of the damage by the Management of Harrods to the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales


And please give my regards to THE BOYS. Their 'Uncle John'Added: My webdesign CD with the complete historical file. CC EH