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Date: 5th of April 2006 Concerns: REQUEST Reference: 20060405JHCS Dear Charles, Next to my latest letter of the 4th of July 2004 about a renewed visit to Althorp that has not taken place I have the honour to send you herewith on CD rom the webdesign of the website as the basis of the execution of our BUSINESS PLAN. As you can see great deal of this website has already been implemented. But it is only a start. During the last months I have decided to publish my LETTERS TO DIANA also on this website as the result of an advise given by Mr. BILL HOLDSWORTH from Malden near Nijmegen to establish cross references. This also in order to facilitate the legal authorities to examine with greatest diligence the results of the unrequested interventions in our personal matters. I hope all those legal issues will be solved in due course. Regarding all the problems in the past I had again a good conversation with Mr. Leslie Jell and his companion Mr. David Maher from Aldenham in Hertfordshire - whom I consider well known to you - on last 21st of February in Spain. In this conversation I considered the idea to come and work a couple of weeks next summer at Althorp in order to guide around visitors from The Netherlands. They found it a very good idea. Therefore I would be honoured if you would be so kind to invite me to come and stay at Althorp House during a period suitable to you in August of this year. All that I ask you in financial terms is to cover my travelling expenses and the lodging.

My time schedule fo the forthcoming period is as follows.

From next 7 till 14 May I will be in Paris invited by the European Association of Teachers in Spanish AEPE. I hope the problems with the management of the Ritz Hotel and Harrods will be solved before that period. In the first half of June I will return to Torremolinos. During the last week of July I will take part in the yearly congress of the European Association of Teachers in Spanish AEPE in Málaga. After that I will be free to come over to England. I kindly request you to send your reaction to JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS. For the good order I let you know that I sent copy of this letter to Mr. Les Jell and Mr. David Maher in Aldenham and my colleague Elizabeth Halbertsma in The Netherlands YOURS SINCERELY JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN