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H.R.H. Prince Philip. Duke of Edinburough. BUCKINGHAM PALACE LONDON. UNITED KINGDOM. Date: 21 December 1996. Concerns: EDUCATION Reference: JH/PP961221. Royal Highness, In this letter I express my deepest concern about your remarks concerning the use of arms. I am specifically concerned about the fact that your grand son William has been ordered to shoot a hart. A fourteen years old boy. I am very concerned about the problems in your family because of the fact that I owe You my existence. My family always has been very committed to You and Queen Elizabeth. The sixth of August of this year however I visited Henley on Thames and passed by the restaurant The Old White Hart in Hart Lane.

I may consider the excellent atmosphere of this establishment well known to You. As the world wide known owner of the trade name Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux I also must be known there. Cervantes means un ciervo antes in English: in the past a hart. From April 1993 until now I have been the subject of a world wide fox hunting. With Your remarks about finishing foxes I am extremely unhappy. I read You called the former marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana a soap opera. I hope that problem has been resolved satisfactory. Nevertheless I promissed Princess Diana my personal support on behalf of the education of Prince William. I already took measures against possible Dutch criminals in the surroundings of ETON COLLEGE. In spite of everything Princess Diana is the mother of the new king of Britain and I will remain my course in the direction of St. James's Palace. In this sense I have to express my unhappiness about Your remarks of the use of alcohol by Oban citizens. Mrs Shand Kydd has had too many problems already about her daughter and Your son.

I hope this will be the last time and British Monarchy can be saved forever. Yours sincerely, J.L. VAN DER HEYDEN.

The first PURPLE GOVERNMENT of THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS. First row from left to right Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences JO RITZEN, Minister of Foreign Affairs HANS VAN MIERLO, Prime Minister WIM KOK, Founder Instituto Cervantes JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN, Home Secrtetary and Vice Prime Minister HANS DIJKSTAL, Minister of Justice WINNIE SORGDRAGER, Minister van Finance GERRIT ZALM. Back row from left to right Minister of Public Health and Sport ELS BORST, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Fishing JOZIAS VAN AARTSEN, Minister of Traffic and Water Management ANNEMARIE JORRITSMA, Minister of Defense JORIS VOORHOEVE, Minister of Economical Affairs HANS WIJERS, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour AD MELKERT and Minister of Development JAN PRONK.