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London, 22 December 1997. Dear Majesty, Back in Kensington for the fourth time since I lighted my Candle in the Wind on the First of August last year first of all I would like to thank You for the warm hearted Christmas Greetings that I received from You and Prince Philip. I will stay in London till 26 December. On Christmas Day I will visit King's College in Cambridge, Althorp and Warwick. As my Christmas Present to You I can tell You that I recently sent a letter to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed to desencourage an Egyptian lawyer who would lay a claim on You because You would not approve a marriage between My Lady and Our potential financer from Egypt because I proposed to Diana already on the 28 of December last year as you can read in these letters. I hope You and Your Family will have some Wonderful Christmas Days at Sandringham. Yours sincerely, John L. Van der Heyden, Kensington London, United Kingdom