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Thursday, 12-06-1997
Falling in love. That would be wonderful, but only if the love is answered. If not, it will be a torture. Pleasant activities are the excursions here in Utrecht. I enrolled for every Wednesday evening excursion before my new trip to the Royal Palaces of England. I am curious of the important milestone of course. Therefore I need the support of my friends and colleagues. Received information of Hotel de Baak and booked for the nights of 20 and 21 June. I also received enclosed letter of the Ministry of Justice with the confirmation of receipt of my letter of 27 May. It reminds me of the photograph I took on Cromwell Road with the message Principles to Di for. I establish that my name is spelled in this letter as I wish.

The translation: 'Herewith I confirm receipt of your letter of last 27 May of the contents from which I have taken notice. If you can not agree with my decision of last 21 May you can, now that you have moved to Utrecht, appeal at the Court of Utrecht. I trust in having informed you sufficiently with above-mentionned. Yours sincerely, The State's Secretary of Justice, on behalf of the State's Secretary, the Director Governmental Affairs, for these, R. Tenge, head Department Juridical Affairs and Policy."

Fax message as confirmation to the State's Secretary of Justice with the message: "Dear Mr Tenge, I confirm the good receipt of your letter NM 964/275 of 10 June 1997. I will take over your advice to appeal at the Court of Utrecht. Anyway I established with pleasure that you already have noted my name in your letter in the spelling as desired by me. This will perhaps simplify the procedure in any way. Herefore my heartily gratitude".

Telephone call with the District Court. Tomorrow I will go to the Provincial Archive to gather genealogical documents about my ancestors. I received the information of Educational Supportcenter and sent Mrs de Kroon the following fax message: "I gratefully received your parcel of last 11 June. Regarding the given information it appears that your organization basicly can execute my business plan or parts of it. Therefore I request you to take up contact with me for an appointment with respect to that."

Of NeBIB I received the message "Dear Mr Van der Heyden, We like to send you herewith the new profiles of this month. The number of news is very modest this time. We hope that this will change the coming months, now that Ruud Dijkstal and Bram Visser are going to dedicate themselves to the writing work (assisted by Jan Bletz of our council of advice). While a great part of the Netherlands is preparing itself for the holidays, we will become extra active. The summer is the top season for good contacts. Apart of the individual absence, precisely in this period our relations seem to have sufficient time and opportunity to consider/reflect things well. So make use of that! As known, next week we will give a drink on the landing place near Ottenhome in Loosdrecht. The attendance is to be expected considerable, so that anyone, who did not check in yet, can do that now by return. We really hope that you will amuse yourself and that the expansion of your relations will carry on smoothly. Likely till then. Kind regards, Ben mr B.G.M. Lacor".

I reacted with a fax message: "Dear Mr Lacor, Thank you very much for your letter of last 10 June. Apparently you have understood very well that in the meantime I landed above 't Neutje in the centre of the country. So you see. For each problem there is a solution. I presume that my Spanish namesake has a serious problem now and therefore I am looking forward to a nice collaboration proposal. Nevertheless before I want to have converted the Foundation Cervantes Benelux into European Cervantes Foundation and need therefore some people who - for their pleasure - will take place for some time in the government of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux in order to arrange the preparations for the transformation. If you know some suitable people for that I would like to hear that from you. With a lot of pleasure I will come to the landing place near Ottenhome. Perhaps (Green Light) I come on the bycicle, for 'economy and diligence build houses like castles' (Dutch proverb). With kind regards, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales J.L. VAN DER HEYDEN Future Earl of WARWICK.

P.S. Enclosed you find my new position in this country (NRC Handelsblad 7 June 1997 page 55)."

Then I noticed that my portable computer has to be repaired to improve my efficiency. So I brought it to Staffhorst Electronics Servicentre Crown Street 9. Next week I will be able to use that computer again. That's a big step forward compared to the written letters that I had to send in England. And communication is the answer to our problems. I went jogging to the Wilhelmina Park, the old royal quarter of the town. I went to Emma Street 27. A very known place to me with a special significance. From there I went to the rose garden and saw on a bank in an arbour the word 'deep' painted in green letters. I inmediately thought of Deep Purple and noticed the names of some roses: Passion, City of Belfast and Queen Elizabeth a pink rose. I picked the last one and now I am looking at it. Roses are very important in life and I will go to look for the white and purple roses as well. After that I passed by the King's Lane and went to the Wilhelmina Park Restaurant. The manager recognized me inmediately and I promised him to come back some time with someone to have lunch in his crowned restaurant. Another street was the Mecklenburg Street. The family Van der Heyden van Doornenburg derives from Mecklenburg-Schwerin as you know.

To finish this beautiful day I am going to listen to the music of Great Romantic Hits of the 70s and 80s starting with You're the Only One, Lady, I'm your Knight in Shining Armour

and Always on My Mind. I think I am caught by the stars. When I dream I dream of you. Maybe some time my dream comes true.