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Friday, 13-06-1997
I will dress myself in green for my visit to
Mr Van Lanschot this afternoon. He may manage our domestic interests. First I go to Arnhem. There I had a conversation at the State's Archive and the Court of Justice. They are very cooperative, but I still need some more information to give the request a 100 percent chance on success.

Also the conversation with mr Van Lanschot and Mr J.E.C.M Martens of Jones Lang Wootton was very positive. I herewith send you their brochure of Sparrenheuvel. It seems to me the perfect location for NBL. Building I will be delivered in August 1998. The annual exploitation costs will amount about 3 million guilders. I think this must be possible when all organizations mentionned in the Business Plan get a place in the office and will contribute to the exploitation costs. In August Building III will be ready. I made an appointment on 3 September 15.00 for a sight seeing of Building I. Then I can discuss the following possibilities and the establishment of the Head Office in Stratford. Finally Jones Lang Wootton is a more then an age old English company and I am convinced that they can be very worthwhile to us. I also spoke with them about Mr Christopher Whalley. They did not know him, but perhaps he could be very worthwhile. Of course as an investor. I look again at your photograph in the Sun of 7 June with the subtitle Di-namic and I must admit that I am inclined to fall in love.

But I am aware that in such a state of mind it would be very difficult to me to remain thinking clearly. So if that would occur everything has to be delegated before to other managers who will serve us.

I also noticed that the office of TopStart is on 100 yards from my house. So I will visit that office too. I also received an enthousiastic letter of Mr Ed Nijpels, President of the World Nature Fund, successor of Prince Bernhard and Mr Niels Halbertsma. On a building next to the town hall two green hearts were painted on a yellow background, by the same paintor who painted the word Deep in the rose garden near the Wilhelmina Park. On a meeting in Nyenrode University - not far from here - a meeting had taken place with amongst them Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven, Mr Ed Nijpels, Mr Loek Hermans and Minister Anne-Marie Jorritsma wearing a yellow hat and a shawl in which the colour yellow reappeared. Our time has come!