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Date: Tuesday 28 december 2010 Concerns: LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES Ref: 2010122JHNA Dear Noreen, Today it is exactly fourteen years ago that I sent my marriage proposal to Lady Diana Frances Spencer Princess of Wales after having founded Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales on the 17th of December 1996 as I had communicated to Her in my letter EXPANSION of the 18th of December 1996. I thank you for your interest in my book and will answer your questions that you sent to me in your email of December 21, 2010 6:38:32 PM GMT+01:00 stating

"Dear Author John Van Der Heyden,

Good Day to you Sir! I must admit that upon reviewing the contents of your book, I couldn't help myself feeling utterly queer with my hairs on my arms standing up, let alone the title itself gave me goosebumps, and as I browsed and took some time to read some of its details, I can't help swallowing a big lump upon my throat that I am here sending you an email in the relations to a very important subject/person in each of everyone of us who witness and has been showered by her glorious smile and grace, Princess Di. Though I must say the book is authentic and real by nature and that people deserves to know the story and the vision you have shared with her personally for your company, it might have been published but hasn't reached it maximum exposure and recognition just yet and that is the very reason why I sent you an email, informing you that your book landed on my desk for specific reasons that it made our top 200 out of 15,00 book titles that our Analysts believes has a really good potential in making it big in the book industry. As I may ask you, (1) how is your publisher promoting your book and (2) personally how are you promoting it? (3) If you had it your way, how would you want your book to be promoted? (4) Who are your target market? I can provide you a list of services as a way to help you out getting your book to aquire it's maximum recognition, as much as it can lead to generate book sales as well. Since your book is an autobiography, based on facts and controversial by nature since it tells an untold story of an Icon that even death itself cannot take away the sweetness of such mystic Lady, it does have a very promising value. Sir, I do have faith in your book that it can achive it's ultimate acknowledgement and recognition for all of the United Kingdom and all over the world. You also deserved that recognition for yourself as well. I do wish to converse with you through phone and discuss this matter with you more. Please feel free to give me a call anytime of the day at 1-877-373-4963 at Ext 202, it's a toll fee number by the way, or if you can leave me a number of where to get in contact with you I would much apprecitate it, or just simply reply to this email. I would be very pleased to assist you further in promoting your book . With Kind Regards, Noreen B. Andaya."

These are my answers to your questions:
1. My publisher has authorized with my consent to have marketed the book using some worldwide known publishers like,,,,,, Barnes & Noble and many, many more.
2. I am not promoting it personally. The objective of the book is solving all legal issues concerning the proposed family company VAN DER HEYDEN/SPENCER as from the 28th of September 1997.
3. The book contains my personal letters to the princess as from the date of Her divorce, the 28th of August 1996, Added you find an article in Dutch of the Dutch newspaper HET PAROOL of the 27th of May 2006 titled

I give you the translation:

"John L. van der Heyden started in 1992 a language institute for people wishing studying Spanish. Four years later he invited the crown princes of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain to form part of the board of directors of his Instituto Cervantes.

During a visit at Canterbury Cathedral he heard that also the British princess Diana was interested in his project. Diana fell soon for the charms of the successful Dutch businessman. On December 25, 1996 the two engaged in the Stadhouderlijk Court in Leeuwarden.

How the romance developed describes Van der Heyden in his book "Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales". It ends with the kidnapping of Diana in Paris, exactly four weeks before he will join her in marriage in the Netherlands.

The businessman holds Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of playboy Dodi who was killed with Diana, responsible for her death.

That Van der Heyden, who now resides in Torremolinos, a successful businessman, quickly became a target of organized crime, is not surprising. Thanks to his cold-blooded action could at the beginning of the nineties many criminal organizations be rolled. But, he may like to emphasize, "without the support of Police, Justice and Health I would not have saved". Because justice with his help for 733 million Dutch guilders could take, Van der Heyden has been "on the basis of the report of the Van Traa criteria stated" entitlement to ten percent of this amount. The amount will be reallocated to his foundation Cervantes Benelux in order to provide indefinitely employment to all Dutch trustworthy hispanists.

Until now the book has been promoted according to my wishes. As the letters have been directed and sent registered to the Princess herself She was the only person who was allowed to read the information in my letters during Her life. I only allowed Her bodyguard Sergeant David Sharp at ETON COLLEGE to take notice of the content of these confidential letters. After Her fatal death in Paris I had no other choice than to reveal this truth to all legal parties who were involved in our enterprise, starting with Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Therefore on the 9th of October 1997 I delivered the first copy of the manuscript of the book at the British Embassy in The Hague on behalf of Ambassador Dame Rosemary Spencer. And now thirteen years ago during my visit to England around Christmas I delivered the following seven copies of the book at Buckingham Palace on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, The Office of Diana at Kensington Palace, 10 Downing Street on behalf of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Lord Balfour of Christie's King Street and on Christmas Day in King's College Cambridge on behalf of the Royal Library, Althorp House on behalf of Diana's family and the Princess Diana Fund and last but not least Reverend David Brindley of St Mary's Church in Warwick.

Four years later I found Trafford Publishing in Canada prepared to publish my letters in the book. It came out in 2002. The first fifty copies were shipped to Spain with the support of the Spanish police organization. Therefore I presented the first copy of the book to the commissioner of the Torremolinos police and the remaining copies to all persons - or almost all persons - who are mentionned in the book.

(4) Who are your target market?
All persons and organizations who can help to build up the organization that I had in mind with the
Princess of Wales and my dear colleague Elizabeth Halbertsma, former director of the management institute De Baak of the Dutch employer's organization. But on the first place I wrote the book in order to realize that all legal obligations towards our planned company will be fulfilled by those who are responsible for all the problems as from the unrequested intervention of Mr Mohamed Al-Fayed and his son in our personal affairs without my personal consent. He knew our positions:

I also confirm the receipt of your message of December 23, 2010 7:16:05 PM GMT+01:00 with copy to my beloved colleague
Liesbeth Halbertsma:

"Merry Christmas to you Sir John Vander Heyden. I have read some of the pages about your book, I have read the connection between you and the Princess and I should say, this book will surely gather enough attention if not controversy. As far as the world was aware she was in the car the day of the mishap with Dodi Fayed, and everything seems like very chaotic at that time. Still the mystery involves around her death as well as the life she lived. People with the likes of her are very intriguing prone to slip away, because in every move is spotlighted or more so covered up. But in your end, you happen to have an edge of another story, a string within her life that is indeed relevant if not ...precious. The world has to know the truth, and deserves to know the truth. And I am here to help you get your story out so hoping to hear from you and your plans with regards to your book in the following days. Again Merry Christmas to you Sir Van der Heyden. Blessing to you and your family. My Kind Regards, Noreen Andaya"

My book may be controversy to some people who have abused the situation. But I can assure you that I have always acted with greatest care and according to The Rules and to the law. I consider your remark "As far as the world was aware she was in the car the day of the mishap with Dodi Fayed, and everything seems like very chaotic at that time" extremely important because it supports my claim on Harrods and my statement in my fax message to the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of the 15th of September 1997 with the words "Dear Mrs Spencer, I thank you for your attention paid to the letters that I sent you. Herewith you find my Honourable Proposal of last 27 August directed to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland. This fax message is also to announce that I consider the Chairman of Harrods Knightsbridge personally responsible for the death of Princess Diana by not having taken sufficient security measures as the owner of the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

On 1 August 1996 I lighted a candle for Princess Diana in Canterbury Cathedral after having invited the crown princes of the Benelux and Spain in the government of my foundation. Therefore I called My Lady My Fifth Rose. ELTON JOHN has expressed this situation beautifully in his song Candle in the Wind for My English Rose. This evening I will light another candle for Diana in conmemorance of the candle that I lighted on 1 August 1996. Next Wednesday I will carry 28 white roses in conmemorance of My Fifth Rose: the Rose of England. I have still one candle left. It dates from 25 December 1996. I will never burn up that one! I received that candle in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden where I engaged myself to Her. Next 28 September I will go alone to Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. Tonight I choose for the GREEN Light. I hope to find a good place in the church next Wednesday. Yours sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN Added: Letter HONOURABLE PROPOSAL to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of 27 August 1997.

Honestly, I published the book only to have a legally deposited document to reveal THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. My youngest son Ramon is coming to live in New York this week. He is a good architect and of course I intend to visit him. I think that will become a good occasion to exchange our experiences. I wish you a prosperous and feliz new year 2011. SINCERELY, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS