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Wednesday, 19-03-1997
I read the message 'Mandela nodigt voetbalelftal uit' in NRC of yesterday. Translation: 'ZEIST, 18th March. President Mandela of South-Africa has invited the Dutch soccer team to come to play in June on occasion of his inauguration in 1994 in Johannesburg. Probably there will be played on 4 or 5 June. Also Ruud Gullit, player/trainer at Chelsea, has been invited.' I worked in ZEIST. My name is Johannes. The name of our family is connected with many 'burgs' (buroughs - Edinburough for example) and Liesbeth believes in the selffulfilling prophecy. And so do I. So I hope to be fit to come to Chelsea as soon as possible.

11.00: Sent enclosed fax message to my estate agent. I translate:

'Buyer declares herewith not to derive any right from the mentioning of the adress 'De Wellenkamp 15-30, 6545 NM NIJMEGEN' on writing paper and other printed matter of for example The Office of Diana, Princess of Wales, His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Friso of Orange-Nassau, Her Royal Majesty Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands, His Royal Highness Prince Filip of Belgium, Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc Héritier Prince Henry de Luxembourg, Su Alteza Real el Príncipe de Asturias Don Felipe de Borbón y Borbón, The Prime Minister of the State of the Netherlands, The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain, The President of the Dutch employer's organization VNO-NCW, The director of the Management Centre VNO-NCW and The Lord Mayor of Nijmegen Which will remain reserved to Sir Johannes Lambertus Van der Heyden, born in Nijmegen on the 9th of November 1947.'

The Main Theme today is 'To get acquainted' and I think of the Main Theme of the tenth of September 1996 - Spider in the Web: 'How to get the bridge and how to become the partner?' That day I delivered two letters at Palace Huis ten Bosch.

I see Queen Beatrix on the front page of the paper wearing a green Butterfly in Dwingeloo. The colour of the Institute of English Studies. Her Royal Majesty puts the sign on green. The coast is clear. 'Dwingeloo' means 'urging to the Loo: the Royal Palace in APELDOORN. I expect that We will be welcome. She made a 40 kilometers long trip on horseback along a path of love for Butterflies. The green and purple butterfly can come together now. The 9th of October I sent a letter to Elizabeth concerning British Heart Foundation and the text 'Dear Elizabeth, Now I found a New Partner Who's very fond of Horse Riding!' The day before I sent a letter to Mr Cesar Rennert concerning New Hope. I know what Elizabeth means by stating 'We discussed your proposal this week with attention and profundity. It seems to us that you have nice and good ideas.' I know her too well. During her ride the Queen came to stand eye in eye twice with groups of hunters. It reminds me of a remark that I made in the Engelenburg about the goddess of hunting. I enclose copies of my fax message of the tenth of October to the Director. The translation is as follows: 'At this moment I try to make a final end to the sorrows of a woman who has been tortured during years and to whom I feel very responsible. Therefore I need your help and like to talk with you, as well as the developments of Instituto Cervantes up to now and the taken decisions within the framework'. I may believe that you will have enough expertise in the House to translate these letters. I have no time at the moment. Ajax just has beaten Madrid. They must have learned from their 'Nekslag on the Mookerhei', the 8th of September 1996 in Nijmegen. I visited the accupuncturist for new energy and met the father of a former pupil. It was Mr. Van der Harten. He is a cousin of the former Royal Commissionar of the Province of Northern Brabant. I told him about the Golden Heart Foundation that I founded for a Princess to hearten Her and to help Her to find a new way in life. Virgo: 'Thanks to a renewed method and technological knowledge you will complete a complicated mission in a record time. Be careful then you will avoid a loss in the share market. Bring extra money to the bank'. I think it would be wise to bring some extra money to the bank in order to reserve it for the new joint venture de Baak - Cervantes. Pisces: 'Certain financial limitations will come to an end. Although your actual employer gives you attempting offers perhaps it will getting time to move. A potential romantical partner needs some encouragement perhaps'. His actual employer is my former neighbour. I think he will be wise to get into contact with my former 'romantical partner' as he sees it. I faxed every information concerning my claim on the state to the process-server in Oz. I hope our Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Zalm will come 'over the bridge' within the shortest term.