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Wednesday 29-01-1997
Very good presentation yesterday. I passed a point of no return. Delivered my envelope. The conductor in the train from Leiden to Utrecht made a remark about my pen. 'It must have the value of one million guilders or more', he said. I may wait to send in the signing card for NatWest until having received it undersigned by you. This is an official request to do so within a week. I spoke with the Manager Business Development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. He is very interested in collaboration in the field of recruitment and selection, but also in implementing advanced network technology in
Instituto Cervantes BNL UK, as I call it now. I will have dinner at home. Here We are. I will appoint EH adjunct director in the Benelux starting 1-04-1997. I read that H.R.M. solved the personal problem of your ex husband. So you are free now to accept all the suggestions made by me.
KPMG can not be a partner until a financial proposal has been done. Although I offered my old colleague the position of adjunct director of ICB BNL UK I advised her to get into contact with Content. I forgot to send a card to Don Felipe by lack of time and energy. He has His birthday today.