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Thursday 30-01-1997
I discussed the public relations issue. It is one of her specialisms. She told me that she needs a change and to work in a team. She has a strong capacity in leadership issues and is good in directing a meeting with an andragological background, just like Elizabeth. Her actual specialism is Human Performance Technology and she works with a method to improve the functionning levels of executives. I saw the photograph of PURPLE CRAZE in The Mirror of yesterday next to the horoscope and the announcement in De Telegraaf of today that you are going to sell your dresses. I think it is a wise decision to make a new clean start possible in your personal life. I also read the article about 'Dragonheart' in the NRC of yesterday. De Telegraaf of today has an article of mr. Hans Blankert (VNO-NCW) expressing an idea that I support. I will write him a letter. In the letter of de Baak from 24-01-1997 I am denominated Director
Instituto Cervantes Benelux.
You might consider a Directorship of Instituto Cervantes UK. Visit from sister and brother in law to study computer problem. Their car has number ST-96-DS. Horoscope The Mirror: Scorpio; 'Your gut feelings or feminine intuition couldn't be more wrong today. People you think are out to get you aren't and those who could do you more harm than good you welcome in with open arms. This is a Thursday when you border on the kingdom of paranoia!' I remember that you were accused for paranoia when you told the truth before BBC and I see on page 22 and 23 that you try to get rid of your marriage memories. I received a letter concerning the above mentionned situation ref. pvr/yv concerning 13 November 1996. Telephone call with my old friend Mr. Hans van Helden reminding him of the election of President Kennedy in 1962 and the purple tie of Mr. Gore. I promised Mr. Van Helden to go together to Washington D.C. in 2000 on occasion of the election of Mr. Gore. I love what you are doing. Everything you do in the field of fund raising will be an issue for the benefit of the Princess Diana Fund.