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Friday 31-01-97
Birthday of Queen Beatrix. Have repaired the computer by ID Systems. Letters to my old friend and a letter as a reaction to the congress of 13 November. I need more sleep. Tonight I will go to the cardio fitness. To take financial decisions I need money. The financial situation of the
Instituto Cervantes Benelux and United Kingdom - the Stichting Cervantes Benelux included - is as follows: Expenses 1996 . Everything has to be checked by a profesionnal accountant. All the expenses that have been made are personal expenses. The interest rate still has to be calculated. The bill to the state has not been paid yet by Mr. Zalm. So I need a British lawyer to let them pay. I herewith request you a contribution to cover at least my initial expenses that I have made on behalf of the foundation. The account number of Stichting Cervantes Benelux is Postgiro 4729266. When this liquidity problem has been solved I can change the Stichting Cervantes Benelux into European Cervantes Foundation with an ideal objective. A romance can grow, but business first. I hope I can count on your support. Having received the undersigned card of NatWest will be the start of such an agreement. I sent a letter concerning fundraising. I asked the support for the Princess Diana Fund and European Cervantes Foundation from which I will withdraw after having received the expenses made by me. I should like to share the opportunity of your auction at Christie's in June to auction my pen as well, with the purple ink, starting with one million guilders on behalf of the above mentionned foundation and fund.