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Thursday, 10-07-1997
I may presume that you have to be in The Apple New York next autumn again. I hope to be there as well at that time. This morning I was called by Mrs Van Putten. She will come to visit me next Tuesday 15 July at 15.00. The subject will be the set up of Cervantes Recruitment & Selection at Schiphol. I hope that that process will be running next autumn. It would be good that we will visit Mr and Mrs Clinton on the occasion. Last Tuesday they visited the King and Queen of Spain. I look at the photograph of that occasion (enclosed) and wonder where they are talking about. I may presume that the Cervantes Project must have their mutual attention, regarding the fact that Mrs Clinton spoke already with Mrs Netelenbos, Princess Margriet and You. And now she is walking side by side with Juan Carlos, staring at the ceiling. We need to talk with them. I was indeed a little disappointed yesterday. The guide did know nothing about the history of 'Gaspar', although his coat of arms - a sheep - is pictured on the wall of St. John's Church here.

He also did not recognize the crusader on the edge of the building on the corner 'Drift - Nobel Street'. Also the name of Jan van der Heyden, inventor of the street lamps was not mentionned. This 'Jan' (1637 - 1712) was the first Dutchman who brought light in the darkness. He was a famous painter as well and painted for example a painting of Palace Ten Bosch. Gaspar lived from 1530 till 1584. In 1579 the Union of Utrecht was founded. There is a statue of Earl Jan of Nassau but I do not see anything about Gaspar although he has played a very important role in the foundation of the State of the Netherlands and was a good friend of the Family of Nassau. He was a teacher of the 'Kürfurst' of the Paltz in Heidelberg. He was very well known on the Dillenburg, where the Nassau Family lived and travelled together with the brothers of William of Orange who died on the Mookerhei not far from Nijmegen. But nevertheless I will continue with my activities and will send a fax message to Cesar Rennert in New York. Virgo: ' Suddenly you may be in the centre of interest. Prefer to enjoy it instead of reacting with fear. If others see a leader in you behave yourself then as such. Someone takes you in confidence'. That's a good advice for her. 20.15. I received the package back. It' s very nice you opened it and you gave your heart back. I am glad that you accepted the card and the roses. I will keep Report 26 on file. This morning a yellow London bus appeared on the Vreeburg Place of the organization Dianetics. It appealed to me. So I went in and I spoke with Mrs Jolanda de Boer about ethics and DOING BUSINESS IN A RESPONSIBLE WAY.

She invited me to a meeting tomorrow on the address N.Z. Voorburgwal 271, 1012 RL Amsterdam. This afternoon I also delivered the Busines Plan - at his request - to Mr R.L. de Jong in Leusden. He will try to gather some investors. I know him from NeBIB. At 22.00 I sent the following fax message to Rennert Bilingual In New York: New York Visit. 23.40 At this moment I open a bottle of Woodbridge Robert Mondavi 1995 California Zinfandel that I got back today. I will uncork the bottle with the inscription 'RM': Royal Majesty!