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Friday, 11-07-1997
I heard music everywhere around me and of course the neighbours know where the package came from. It did not take a knock. On the contrary. It has been very wise of your security men to send the package back as a 'line checker'. They took notice of the contents. That's good. Now I know who I can trust. I also trust the people from Dianetics. They are members of the Scientology Church, to whom belongs John Travolta, for example. Yesterday evening I did a personality test that will be discussed tonight. Jolanda promissed me every support of her organisation regarding the Family Company. I have to delegate some information now and I will show report 26 to them, because their product is ethics and in combination with Diana I may presume that that can be trusted. 13.30 This afternoon a boy came by jogging with the message 'LOVE is the law'. I started to read the Dutch version of the book INTRODUCTION TO SIENTOLOGY ETHICS of Dianetics.

12 JULY 1997 NEW YORK 1997