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This is a flash back of yesterday. In the train I read The Mirror Page 3. I was moved by the images and recognized the colour of the dress. I am impressed by the beautiful turquoise choice. You certainly will have Pakistan on its knees again. In Lucaya this time I received key number 1. After a phone call to Source I noticed that the telephone number of ETON COLLEGE had appeared on the display of my GSM telephone. I do not know if it was a coincidence. I was very tired and needed a rest. So they played 'Now it's time to say goodnight... Dream sweet dreams for you... Dream sweet dreams for me...' A spanish guitar played
I do it for you, the song of Bryan Adams. I also noticed that hook numbers 26 and 27 were occupied by a white towel. I suppose I have to reserve 26 and 27 September for another occasion then the Congress of Spanish. I have to be very careful with spending money. Nevertheless I must remain investing in my plans. The Cervantes Project is my life and the partner as well. But She has more capital then I have. That's my problem. From NeBIB I received an invitation for a meeting on 19 June in Ottenhome in Loosdrecht, a day before the new congress The New Economy in NOORDWIJK. That is a good idea. From the Ministry of Justice I received a letter. I noticed that some of my statements have not been noted. At the moment I have no time for a reaction. All of my documentation is in boxes at the moment.
I sent the GG brochure and the photograph before BUCKINGHAM PALACE (I noticed that I was extremely touched by the moment) to the Lord Mayor of Utrecht. With a personal letter. I also read the article It's a labour of love for Di of Mary Riddell. I also congratulate you on the total ban on landmines pronounced by Mr Blair. I hope I may consider this as a joint victory. Mr Kok proposed yesterday to speak with his colleagues in NOORDWIJK about institutional reforms which are necessary before the EU can start negotiations about extension with Middle and Eastern European countries, just like I proposed to him in an earlier stage. The Euroleaders gave their blessings to 'Amsterdam'. The European Council of Ministers will become a powerful instrument and the chairman of the European Commission will get more power. I think he will become a sort of European Emperor with democratic ideals. Because of the red Toyota Camry of last week with the number PX-BZ-99 I think Mr Ottenhoff will become our Foreign Minister in 1999. (BZ, Buitenlandse Zaken = Foreign Affairs) He is intelligent, communicative, speaks several languages fluently - specificly French - and knows everything about European institutions. He is a genius as a matter of fact. Mr Blair was the shining centre in NOORDWIJK according to NRC but the night of the long knives will be decisive for the historical event in Amsterdam on 16 and 17 June. Amsterdam is also the centre of the Government Game Competition and there I was advised to go into politics by Suzan Polet. In fact I see all the ideas in the Cervantes Plan reflected in the decisions of the European leaders. I think I brought a valuable document to BRUSSELS on 6 November last year. After my visit to our Ambassador and the Laekense Straat I had a small conversation in The King of Spain with a Dutch and two African gentlemen. I spoke with them about Emperor Charles V and told them 'He is probably one of my ancestors'. You surely will know the Dutch gentleman. He happened to have made a trip to South Africa just a short time before. Today on page 7 of NRC I see two important articles In NOORDWIJK and Charles the Fifth in the same column. I can not leave the idea that I will need the KBX plane in the future, because I have one main objective: Building the European Union for the year 2000 and my supporters will support me within the Delta model. Next Tuesday The Hague will be visited by Mr Clinton and his wife on occasion of the Marshall Plan. A Plan of investments. In a certain way the Marshall Plan can be an example for the Cervantes Plan. We need investors who are willing to help people to get to work and start positive initiatives. The Magazine Vorsten organizes a trip to the Royal Gardens of London from 17 till 21 August. I should like to participate and come back in the hope that problems will be solved at that time.