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Sunday, 25-05-1997
Packing and driving. A short visit to Pastor Coerwinkel. I think it has been the last time. He baptized my children and he is a good person. Nevertheless life goes on. I listened to Sky Radio and heard 'Butterfly, my butterfly, dans un mois je reviendrai. Butterfly, my butterfly, près de toi je resterai'. I am not sure if I will be back within a month but certainly on 17 August. I promised to stay away from the Royal Palaces 'For the time being'. That time ends on 16 August. You may tell that to the sergeant. I did not come to the United Kingdom to make a problem, but to solve it! I hope this will be proved by enclosed copies of the pages 5 and 68 of the 'Survey 96/97 of de Baak'. I also send you copy of the letter NM 964/275 of the Ministry of Justice of recent 21 May regarding the writing of my Family name. I neglect the decision of Mr Raaphorst. I did not bring in genealogical information into the procedure yet. But I will. There are a lot of official documents in the past that my family name was spelled 'Van der Heyden' instead of 'Van der Heijden'. Nevertheless the statement under 'Verslag' of secretary Wegman is more worthwile. I translate: 'The president opens the session and gives Mr van der Heijden the opportunity to explain his notice of objection.

Mr van der Heijden expresses - shortly summarized - the importance of the requested change of name regarding his application for the function of Educational Officer of the Princess of Wales. As to his affirmation this application should find itself in a far reached stage. Change of the spelling of the family name enlarges to his opinion the obtainance of this function.

The president insists in appointing Mr van der Heijden to the possibility to mention in social life his family name with an "y". Mr van der Heijden is aware of this, but states nevertheless to become attached to an officical change of name.

The president gives an explanation about the continuation of the procedure and closes then the session under thankssaying.

Secretary: J.A. Wegman."

Receive again my warm hearted regards.