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18 October 1996
APPLICATION. Dear Diana, I decided to address this letter in the informal way. Please excuse me when I make some mistakes in the English language. Spanish has been my second language up to now, but I try to improve my proficiency in the language of my former 'Beatles-period'. Concerning my former letters I will point out that my problem with the Dutch government is my problem and not yours. I will manage that situation here. I don't want you to be part of my problem. Instead I should like to apply to be your Educational Officer in order to be a helping hand with the education of William and Harry. I already made a start for myself in taking lessons in horse-riding, rowing, tennis and a fitness-training and I think I can count with the support of my former employer to develop and execute a good educational plan for your children. Together. Tuesday last week I saw you on television in the Lighthouse of London in your scarlet suit.
I was very enthousiastic about that new appearence. Also your new golden hairstyle appealed to me. It's very personal what I'm writing now, but I think it will be good to be sincere and I hope I may have the occasion to have a conversation with you within a short term. Last night I looked at your photograph with William and Harry with your back against a tree in the first book of Andrew Morton. I hope I may have the opportunity to support the three of yours in the next future. I still need to learn a lot but I think we can manage. If you need some more inquiries you may consult my former colleague.