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Friday, 7-03-1997
This means to me the green light of the golden heart and I think of my suggestion to look for a house in Stratford. I wonder if you visited Walcote House already and if old furniture is to be removed in that house. At this moment I can not oversee yet if I can be in England on the first of April. I try to do my very best, but first of all everything has to be arranged here in the Netherlands. I certainly will be in London the 22 of April to attend the changing of the guards at BUCKINGHAM PALACE when I will be allowed. I will show the letters of five royal houses to the guards and I do hope that I will be invited. Afterwhile I will go to Henley-Stratford-Warwick for further orientation. I will write a letter to Elizabeth before going out tonight and hope to meet her next Tuesday. Back from Lucaya. Sent my letter to her and received the invitation for next Tuesday. I realized that I have also a supporter in BRUSSELS: His Royal Highness Prince Filip. The letter of 12-09-96 states: 'The Prince, who was very sensitive for your wish to involve him, thanks you from heart for your intention. Regrettably I have to communicate that it is not possible for the Prince to fulfil your request. Nevertheless the Prince appreciates to transfer to You his best wishes for the success of this initiative'.

I will request Prince Filip's support for the building of the European Cervantes Foundation. Tonight I also met a process-server who may be able to formalize my bill on the state. I told her that I promised you to make a ride with your mother in a Jaguar through Scotland but that my greatest debtor is still in debt. I also told her about my measures against 'Weekend', 'Privé' and 'The Sun' regarding the abuse of the Privacy of Members and Former Members of the British Royal Family.