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Saturday, 8-03-1997
Sugar sweet'
, that's Dulcinea! The astrologer is completely right. I wrote her yesterday about a problematical situation where she had been put into in February 1991 during a trip to Madrid, where she has been deceived. The title of my first publication will be Instituto Cervantes - A struggle for norms and values. I need more support however. Particularly financially. Yesterday I received the information of de Baak, directed to 'Directeur Instituto Cervantes Benelux'. That is my formal position now. I also received an envelope wit a purple and pink butterfly. This indicates exactly my career path. First having the Instituto Cervantes Benelux running and the Holding Company in Britain. Then I will work out the Educational Programme in favour of your children. That is my personal commitment to you that I made myself already. Regarding the Educational Programme I wil try to get to know much more of the history of Britain maybe by visiting Skibo Castle in Scotland some day. Visited my former neighbours. I received a letter of our President in which your name was mentionned. They refused their collaboration which I do not accept. I wrote a reaction and stated that I have my first commitment on the European continent to Elizabeth. Of course my first commitment in Britain will be very known!