Español Nederlands

Instituto Cervantes Holding Limited (derives from the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales)

The planned Business Units are: Cervantes Centres of Study, Cervantes Empleo, Cervantes Management Group, Cervantes Business Consultancy, Cervantes Travels, Cervantes Translation Services, Cervantes Interpret Services, Cervantes Public Relations, Cervantes Communications, Cervantes Editions, Cervantes Spanish in Spain and Latin America, Cervantes USA, Cervantes Enterprises, Royal Cervantes Airlines, Cervantes Automation, Cervantesonline, Cervantes Productions, Cervantes Assurances, Hotels Cervantes, Transatlantic Bank Cervantes, Football Club FC Cervantes, Prinses Diana Stadium, Cervantes Television, Cervantes Real Estates

In The Netherlands the founder of the FOUNDATION CERVANTES BENELUX prefers as capital establishment of this company SOESTDIJK PALACE.