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Friday, 8-08-1997
I read 'Is Dodi DE MAN for Di?'. Of course not. I noticed that I was registered in the computer of
El Mundo yesterday by 'De Man aan de bar'. 'De Man' is Dutch. I am glad to see that. I also read 'Huis ten Bosch as Fata Morgana'. Along the Utrecht canals in only some steps to the Amsterdam Munt tower or palace Huis ten Bosch. And instead of an umbrella a parasol as a protection against the burning desert sun. This absurd image is going to be reality when the United Arab Emirates persevere their advanced plans to build a 'Holland Village' near the capital Abu Dhabi'. Those arabs have very nice ideas. Don't you think so? I would advise them not to forget DE Neude. It's my advise to their British delegation leader Geoff Hill. Working for a building company. And I would advise him not to forget the Dom Tower. Money is no problem for the arabs, as you know love. And it will surely be supported by my good old friend Hans Wijers as the boss of the EVD. He is still in debt with me as you know. I read The Mirror of today. That's indeed very bad for my health: 'Diana: I'm so in love'. Don't worry Dear. That problem can be cured within a fortnight. Just by concentrating on another person. I sent already the following letter to Mr Al Fayed: Participation.
I also tried to send a fax to Earls Court Gym with the following text: 'Dear Friends, I read the articles on Page 1, 12 and 13 of The Mirror. Would you please tell My Lady that I have a serious problem now. Since my visit to England in August last year I dedicated myself completely to Her behind the screens and 24 hours a day. If She needs stability She will find it with Me and not with a playboy. On Monday morning 18 August I will visit KENSINGTON PALACE and hope to speak with Her on that occasion. Thanking you in advance for your well willing co-operation." The fax did not work however but I had a short contact by telephone. I also received enclosed programme of the journey of next week and sent a reaction to Speedwell:

'Dear Mr van de Beek,
Thank you very much for the sending of the travel program. I establish that we will visit Kensington Palace Garden on Monday morning 18 August
. I would appreciate it very much to be able to visit the palace as well for a conversation with My Lady. I namely took notice with anxiety of an article on the pages 1, 12 and 13 of The Mirror. Since my journey to England last year I dedicated myself completely to her during 24 hours a day and worked on a solution for Her problem. I would rather appreciate if you could communicate this to Her by the contacts in your network. Thanking you very much in advance'.

'I have a Dream. I still have that dream. Therefore I went for a moment to Palace Huis ten Bosch on 10 September, before I went to de Baak. There I delivered enclosed letter. This letter may be provided to you by Queen Beatrix. I hope this can avoid a historical mistake. Try to see it rational Diana. Do! Love is blind. Try to realise that. I am still behind You. Trust in me. I can also walk with you along every beach in the world. I can also go to Hollywood with you. Without any problem. That way the legal question will soon be solved. But therefore I need your co-operation. I can not do it alone. Our Queen is aware of that situation and I rely completely on Her. So don't spoil the Party Dear Royal Highness. Don't! I read 'I trust him. He is all I need - so gentle, so kind'. I understand your feelings very well My Dear Royal Highness. But do you also think about your responsibilities? I am not a playboy, but I am really careful. And for a person that I love I go through a ring of fire. Ask it to my former colleague. You've got the number. Let Mr Dodi take another mistress, but not a Princess. He can participate in the company and driving a red and purple Testarossa. I read that he had such a lot of relationships already. He is only interested in beautiful women and beautiful cars. That is not a character to rely on. I haven't got a yacht of 70 million guilders yet. But I do have a vision, and a Dream: For A Better World. If Mr Al Fayed wants to participate We can buy our own Yacht in due course and go to every place you want in the world! I have everything arranged. Legally! And there won't be any scandal anymore in the United Kingdom. Gadgets are the favourite occupation of GP. I would like to give you the translation of the letter that I sent him yesterday, but the text is confidential. He may inform you. It concerns Master Plan. I suppose the friendly fate will come from Mr Rob Hoogland of De Telegraaf. He knows me very well and wrote some articles about my case. This morning I sent him the following fax message:

"Dear Rob, Next to my fax message of last 14 June I herewith report you that I took notice with pleasure of the article "Huis ten Bosch as 'FATA MORGANA'. I read in this article "Along the Utrecht canals along only a few steps at the Amsterdam Munt tower or palace Huis ten Bosch. And instead of an umbrella a parasol as a protection against the burning desert sun. This absurd image will become reality when the United Arab Emirates are going to persevere definitively their advanced plans to build a 'Holland Village' near to the capital Abu Dhabi. That's a nice idea. Of course then they must not forget the Dom Tower and 'het Neutje'. And of course neither the Town Castle Oudaen, where ever my Spain Project has been fulfilled. Meanwhile I also have delivered there my Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales. Yesterday evening I still have spoken there with a Spanish lawyer from Cáceres and told him who is going to be 'La Directora'. In the meantime Henk van der Meyden knows everything about that. Thus the arabs have got some attention since I went doing fitness for the first time in Earls Court Gym ('Stand back! Stand back!). Apparently they have enough money to finance my plans. Therefore I would rather prefer to do business with them then with the club from Cali. Because by accident some time ago I run into Andrew Cunanan in the 'Hardebollenstraat', shortly before his last flight to Miami. Fortunately this problem does not bother me anymore, because everyone who dares to point at my direction can count with an imprisonment of minimum 37 years if he or she does not take the life before. Certainly now I know who My competitor is in Madrid. To come back to the article. I read in it "Nevertheles an extra attraction seems to be indispensable. In the advice that the British delegation leader Geoff Hill (active in a building company) gives to Zayed and Fatima an idea of Meijer has been included: a real ski track between the buildings along the canals'. So it's a British idea. In England I also adopted some nice ideas. Today it's exactly one year ago that I paid my respects for the first time at BUCKINGHAM PALACE where I have become an appreciated guest in the meantime as well as on 10 Downing Street. I understood that Louis van Gaal took some Spanish lessons in my former Language Institute. That ever has been born out of the Institute of English Studies. There I once received a teletraining. On that occasion a film was showed of an organization that was in chaos. The main figure was a gentleman with the name Morgan, Big "M", small "Organ". And regarding my umbrella: I will place that in Stratford-upon-Avon in order to do a favour to Tony Blair. Nice for a new cycle tour with his wife". I may presume that it will be possible to cycle from Chequers to Stratford. They will be very welcome in Royal Leamington Spa. What about your Spanish, Royal Highness? I remember the first Spanish televison course on Dutch television. It was called Vamos a Ver and the main figure was called Spencer, Lola Spencer.