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Monday, 14-07-1997
Engagement Day.
Scorpio: 'Perhaps you are worrying today about money and you ask yourself how you could correct the situation. During the day circumstances will improve. Try to gain time, for your own best.' I saved money for a wedding ring and I will do all the best to keep it for the occasion because I see you jumping in a green and Nassau blue swimsuit and wearing sunglasses. Therefore I have to write what happened yesterday evening. After dinner - in which lamb formed the main course - I went back to the Prinsentuin. A beautiful concert was going on by the sopran Sri Kalikamba Swami, of the Foundation Healing Voice & Music.

After the performance I had a conversation with her and her partner Elma Janssen. They will have a concert on next 26 September in the Town Theatre of Utrecht. I would like to invite you on that occasion.

Then I was asked by a young woman if I was a royalist. So I told her where I was staying and we started to talk about you and suddenly she took her guitar and started to sing Love comes from the heart. Beautiful. She called herself the good fairy. She gave me her card (Maria Delorme Harlingen) in blue and a green heart (enclosed).

The same colours of your swim suit, Love. On her request I herewith send you her photographs. I sent the following message to the management of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof: 'I would like to thank you for the extraordinary warm and royal welcome during last weekend. Meanwhile you have understood that purple and red has become my favourite colour combination. Orange has appeared to be an important support. In the hall I found two umbrellas in the colours red and purple. I tended to unfold the purple one but I don't like to touch the possessions of other people. Nevertheless yesterday evening I met in the Prinsentuin 'the good fairy'. She sang a song for me: 'Love comes from the heart' and gave me her card (Nassau blue) and a letter with a green heart. I noticed the same colours today on a photograph of my aimed partner. There is still a contract to make up with her. In principle I think about that of next 28 September in the Queen's room. That day I also reserved Palace Het Loo and I am even thinking about a reservation of the Willem Lodewijk suite on that day. I think that both of us will form a good management team of our new company. From 17 till 21 August I will be again in England (Windsor) and hope to receive the message then if the party can go on. Then I will inform you more specificly, of course. Again my cordial thanks for Your hospitality.' Tomorrow I receive Mrs Van Putten. I don't expect cold water.

Finally I would like to express my happiness that Mr Al Fayed gave you the chance last weekend to be reunited with your children. Again, receive Love and Peace. Yours sincerely, J.L. VAN DER HEYDEN. Enclosed: Photograph visit Mr and Mrs Clinton to Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía (NRC 9-07-1997); Original of the diary of 13-07-1997; Green heart and photographs of the good fairy.