Maria Delorme Harlingen Datum: 4 april 2002 Betreft: DE GOEDE FEE Kenmerk: JH/MD20020404 Nijmegen, donderdag 4 april 2002 Beste Maria,

Teruggekeerd van een congres in Moskou zag ik jou vanavond in het programma Boulevard van RTL4.

Vandaar dat ik jou hierbij de informatie over mijn boek Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales doe toekomen. Jij staat hierin eveneens vermeld op de pagina's 327 en 328. Ik citeer.

"Then I was asked by a young woman if I was a royalist. So I told her where I was staying and we started to talk about you and suddenly she took her guitar and started to sing 'Love comes from the heart'. Beautiful. She called herself 'the good fairy'. She gave me her card (Maria Delorme, Harlingen - Holland) in blue and a green heart (enclosed).

The same colours of your swim suit, Love. On her request I herewith send you her photographs. I sent the following message to the management of 'Het Stadhouderlijk Hof': 'I would like to thank you for the extraordinary warm and royal welcome during last weekend. Meanwhile you have understood that purple and red has become my favourite colour combination. Orange has appeared to be an important support. In the hall I found two umbrellas in the colours red and purple. I tended to unfold the purple one but I don't like to touch the possessions of other people. Nevertheless yesterday evening I met in the Prinsentuin 'the good fairy'. She sang a song for me: 'Love comes from the heart' and gave me

her card (Nassau blue) and a letter with a green heart. I noticed the same colours today on a photograph of my aimed partner. There is still a contract to make up with her. In principle I think about that of next 28 September in the Queen's room. That day I also reserved Palace Het Loo and I am even thinking about a reservation of the Willem Lodewijk suite on that day. I think that both of us will form a good management team of our new company. From 17 till 21 August I will be again in England (Windsor) and hope to receive the message then if the party can go on. Then I will inform you more specificly, of course. Again my cordial thanks for Your hospitality.' Cancer: 'Do not spend too much money to a social event, you cross your budget to easily at this moment. Not an appropriate day for a creative challenge, but it does for a financial risky enterprise (participation, JH). You have an admiror.' That's Maria."

Het betreft de datum 13 juli 1997. Daags voor de door mij voorgestelde verlovingsdatum. Het vervolg van het verhaal staat in het boek. De originele foto die jij mij hebt verstrekt heb ik rechtstreeks naar St. James's Palace gestuurd t.a.v. Diana. Ik hoop jou hiermee naar tevredenheid te hebben geïnformeerd. Met hartelijke groet, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN.