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Tuesday, 13-05-1997
In order to solve a financial dilemma I sent to NatWest Kensington Royal Garden Branche National Westminster (Mr. T. Cottrell), 55 Kensington High Street copy of the letter of Mr R.M.H. Franssen of yesterday, my authorization, Memorandum of Association, Declaration on application for registration and Regulations for Management of a company limited by shares. I was passed by a British van of Redmans Removals in front of Van der Heijden. Then I went to the barbershop. On TV a boy gives a purple rose to his girlfriend. For the first time in history the British Government published a mission statement just like I did last year, based on 'ethics, integrity and human dignity'. Prime Minister Kok had a large discussion yesterday in Madrid with his colleague Aznar. Mr Kok received my message that I will speak with the Spanish namesake as soon as Mr Aznar has taken over the Presidency of the Spanish Instituto.