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27 November 1996
FOLLOW UP Dear Diana, I hope You received my Business Plan in good order. It contains still some mistakes as a consecuence of the time pressure to finish the translation. I think it is a very professional plan however and I hope it will have your interest. As I am aware that a personal meeting can be very difficult to organize I decided to keep you informed about my personal developments and thoughts. A time ago I saw the television programme Behind the Palace Walls in which You were attacked by photographers on Málaga Airport. So I will handle this situation very discretely. Of course there will be already some groups that must know about my commitment to You because of my writings in the yellow envelopes. Of course the Royal Family will be informed as well. In this situation I will give you my sincere and personal opinion. Shortly after the War the youngest sister of my mother married a British soldier who had landed on D Day on the Normandy coast. From that moment on my family always has been very committed to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. I still remember their portraits in their living room. I owe them my existence.

The first of August of this year I landed with my boys on the campingsite of Laleham. I was exhausted and feared to die on a heart attack. That moment I declared that the only person to whom I allowed to possess my keys would be Queen Elizabeth. Fortunately an ambulance brought me to St. Peter's Hospital where I could recover.

During my visit to BLENHEIM PALACE the seventh of August I contemplated the meaningful roll of Sir Winston Churchill for the freedom of our country. I am ashamed that too many people nowadays have forgotten that. I also went aware that He belonged to Your Family and that in our country You deserve the same honour as Sir Winston. I am very concerned about Your personal situation and I hope You will accept my offer. But one thing I will state clear: I can not be part of a conflict. In Behind the Palace Walls Mr. Anthony Holden declared that you don't want your ex husband to be king, but that you want your son to be king. I want to help You in that situation but in complete loyalty to the Royal Family. I hope to see You soon.

27 November 1996
Extra. Dear Diana, There's something I have forgotten in my letter of today. I have left a peppermint for you in the sleeping room of the Duke of Marlborough, the seventh of August 1996.