21 DECEMBER 2010

Vandaag is er op mijn website bijzondere belangstelling voor mijn REISVERSLAG SPANJE 1992. In het bijzonder voor THE SELFFULFILLING PROPHECY, ALBA DE TORMES, LA VUELTA A ESPAÑA, 14 MEI 1992 - DÍA DE LA NUEVA ETAPA, GRANADA-ALICANTE, VERA EMMEN, ALICANTE RUSTDAG, MOROS, CRISTIANOS Y ESCOBAS en LA QUEIMADA. COMMUNICATIE: On Dec 20, 2010, at 8:43 PM, Noreen Andaya wrote: Noreen Andaya Marketing Consultant and Personal Publicist Phone : +1 (877) 373-4963 Dear Author John Van Der Heyden, Good day! My name is Noreen B. Andaya. I am a Marketing Consultant and Publicist for AuthorSphere; a marketing services company that specializes in providing optimum marketing services for self-published books. Our Research Department forwarded your book title "Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales" to my desk thus, I am personally sending you this email message. AuthorSphere is actively on the look-out for self-published books that possess a high quality potential in making it big and successful in the book industry. It is in this li ght that I would like to talk to you regarding your plans and visions for your book. AuthorSphere believes in your book and is very keen in helping you realize those plans and visions in the most efficient ways possible. Please consider this as an urgent matter, as the book buying season is fast approaching. You can reach me at 1-877-373-4963 extension 202 or you can simply reply to this email as to when is the best time and at what number to reach you. I look forward hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Noreen B. Andaya' Reactie: Subject: Re: Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales Date: December 21, 2010 3:54:16 AM GMT+01:00 Dear Noreen, I am very grateful for your message and the belief of the authenticity of my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. And it is not only a book. It is THE TRUTH about the VISION that WE shared. I think it will be worthwile that our story will get some more attention. Specificly now that my beloved heir to Our Company PRINCE WILLIAM is getting married in WESTMINSTER ABBEY fourteen years after I delivered my letter TO REVEREND DAVID BRINDLEY IN WARWICK of ST. MARY'S CHURCH in WARWICK and WILLIAMS MOTHER, which you can find on page 225 of my book. I am looking forward to your suggestions. Yours Sincerely, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN De statistiek. Gisteren 693 bezoeken. MAAGD: Weinig valt te vergelijken met het gezelschap van bijzondere mensen die samen met u ouder zijn geworden en die alle grote gebeurtenissen en keerpunten in uw leven hebben meegemaakt. Organiseer, kortom, een samenzijn met oude vrienden. Van DE BAAK naar ik hoop. SCHORPIOEN: Reisplannen voor de komende feestdagen kunnen op een frustrerende onmogelijkheid uitdraaien, zeker als u uw boeking tot het laatste moment hebt uitgesteld. Ik maak mij vooral zorgen over de geplande reis van RAMON naar NEW YORK op 27 DECEMBER en zijn verhuisavtiviteiten overmorgen 23 DECEMBER, alsmede de afspraak die ik met MARK heb gemaakt. 13:02 In mijn CORRESPONDENTIE MET HET KONINKLIJK HUIS VAN NEDERLAND is er THANS bijzondere belangstelling voor ANNOUNCEMENT ON BEHALF OF HRH PRINCESS MARGRIET OF THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS en GELUKWENS AAN DE PRINS VAN ORANJE, alsmede SCHOLING ALLOCHTONEN TER ATTENTIE VAN DE MINISTER VAN SOCIALE ZAKEN EN WERKGELEGENHEID. Ontvangen: Subject: Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales Date: December 21, 2010 6:38:32 PM GMT+01:00 Noreen Andaya Marketing Consultant and Personal Publicist Phone : +1 (877) 373-4963 Email : noreen.andaya@authorsphere.com Dear Author John Van Der Heyden, Good Day to you Sir! I must admit that upon reviewing the contents of your book, I couldn't help myself feeling utterly queer with my hairs on my arms standing up, let alone the title itself gave me goosebumps, and as I browsed and took some time to read some of its details, I can't help swallowing a big lump upon my throat that I am here sending you an email in the relations to a very important subject/person in each of everyone of us who witness and has been showered by her glorious smile and grace, Princess Di. Though I must say the book is authentic and real by nature and that people deserves to know the story and the vision you have shared with her personally for your company, it might have been published but hasn't reached it maximum exposure and recognition just yet and that is the very reason why I sent you an email, informing you that your book landed on my desk for specific reasons that it made our top 200 out of 15,00 book titles that our Analysts believes has a really good potential in making it big in the book industry. As I may ask you, how is your publisher promoting your book and personally how are you promoting it? If you had it your way, how would you want your book to be promoted? Who are your taget market? I can provide you a list of services as a way to help you out getting your book to aquire i'ts maximum recognition, as much as it can lead to generate book sales as well. Since your book is an autobiography, based on facts and controversial by nature since it tells an untold story of an Icon that even death itself cannot take away the sweetness of such mystic Lady, it does have a very promising value. Sir, I do have faith in your book that it can achive it's ultimate acknowledgement and recognition for all of the United Kingdom and all over the world. You also deserved that recogntion for yourself as well. I do wish to converse with you through phone and discuss this matter with you more. Please feel free to give me a call anytime of the day at 1-877-373-4963 at Ext 202, it's a toll fee number by the way, or if you can leave me a number of where to get in contact with you I would much appreciate it, or just simply reply to this email. I would be very please to assist you further in promoting your book . With Kind Regards, Noreen B. Andaya This email was sent to johnvanderheyden@cervantes.nu by Noreen Andaya. If you have received this email by mistake, please send an email to support@authorsphere.com or call 1-877-373-4963. Powered by: Tech Project Hive, Co. If you do not wish to receive automated emails from Authorsphere. Please unsubscribe now. Book Showcase | Author Directory | Events | Events Reactie: Subject: Re: Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales Date: December 21, 2010 9:12:08 PM GMT+01:00 To: noreen.andaya@authorsphere.com Dear Noreen Andaya, I thank you for your swift reply. At the moment I am very busy staying in The Netherlands with Christmas. I am prepared to answer your questions but prefer doing it in a written letter as soon as I will have some time. Therefore I request you to mail your post adress to my emailadress. Yours Sincerely, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS