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Cervantes Public Relations B.V. will develop a PR plan in consultation with the division managers. The communication medium of the organization will be the magazine CERVANTES in which all developments within the Dutch-Spanish relationship will obtain a place. This way Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd cares for the general exposure as well as for announcements in other relevant means of PR. The PR-office should have been involved - as a separate project, in collaboration with the association Valkhofvereniging in Nijmegen in the Netherlands - in the organization of a Spanish state's visit to Nijmegen in 2000 on the occasion of the conmemorances concerning the imperial coronation of Charlemagne on the 25th of December 800 and the re-opening of the Valkhof Castle. As a consecuence of the occurences on the 31st of August 1997 in Paris this conmemoration has not taken place.

The PR plan will also contain outlines to indicate in which way and by whom the direct sale conversations will be held with directional and personnel managers of companies with Spanish speaking contacts. Hispanists with an enterprising, commercial attitude will be placed in the account management.

Communication Message: You learn Spanish in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England, Wales and Scotland at Cervantes!

Cervantes Public Relations elaborates a media file.To begin with: Source (first publication in Nr 1 jan/feb 1997, page 4), Management Consultant, O&O (Ontwikkeling & Opleiding), De Onderneming (and other media of employers associations), the magazine of the Stichting Promotie Talen, Vetron-vademecum, Management Team, The Lion, Viva España, ¡TEMPERAMENT! and ESPECIAL. These media can give their contribution to the magazine CERVANTES. The under the jurisdiction of Instituto Cervantes Benelux operating Spanish Instituto Cervantes has brought out in the meantime a magazine with this name. Therefore the redaction of this magazine has to be extended by employees of Cervantes Public Relations (in mayority). Thist PR-plan can be created in collaboration with the project group Spanish in education, research and business and the Transfer office of the Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. In this magazine all activities directed to the concerning target groups will be announced. In order to obtain familiarity of the name all free publicity channels will be used. Mutual communication between the different institutions principally take place by way of the World Wide Web.

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