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FAX MESSAGE TO DR. ANTHONY JULIUS Dear Mr. Julius, Next to my message of this afternoon I herewith announce that I sent the following letter to H.R.H the Prince of Wales on the 18th of September 1998: LAST WILL. As a reply I received from His side added letter with the message:

"13th October. Dear Mr. Van der Heyden, The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter of 18th September. Your reasons for writing as you did are appreciated, and His Royal Highness is grateful to you for taking the trouble to let him know of your views. The Prince of Wales has asked me to send you his best wishes. Yours sincerely, Miss Henrietta Rolston" This reaction also has been appreciated by me. Nevertheless I establish that the issue still has not been satisfactorily settled. As my commitment to the Late Princess of Wales dates from Christmas 1996 I herewith request you to send Her real Last Will to my postoffice box 689 in Utrecht. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN SPAIN.