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Instituto Cervantes NBL EW. P.O. Box 689. NL 3500 AR UTRECHT. Kingdom of the Netherlands. MALACA INSTITUTO. Mr Bob Burger. Calle Cortada 6. Cerrado de Calderón. E 29018 MALAGA - SPANJE. Concerns: CERVANTES ENTERPRISES. Reference: JH/BB980114. Dear Bob, As you will probably know I would probably have married Diana, Princess of Wales in September last year if the fatal accident in Paris had not occurred. The Families Van der Heyden and Spencer have a common history that goes back to the wool trade period in the Middle Ages. The Family Van der Heyden de la Bruyère in the Low Countries (Flanders) and the Spencers in England. I have the honour to send you herewith the Certificate of Incorporation of Instituto Cervantes England and Wales of which I am the owner and of which I delegated my authorities in April of last year to Princess Diana. Although I am still in a deep mourning about the terrible loss of My Lady The Business must go on. Although I trust in the support of the Trustees of Diana to realize our original plans I need to raise capital in order to set up the organization in good collaboration with the Kingdom of Spain. Therefore I decided to set up an activity under the name Cervantes Enterprises. Objective of this company will be setting up distribution lines in Spain for the American company Amway Corporation. For this activity I ask your support. From next 14 till 28 March I will stay in an appartment in Torremolinos. There I will give some presentations to persons living in the region who will be interested in obtaining a second income by starting an own company under the umbrella of Cervantes Enterprises and Amway Corporation. I need a list of about twenty persons who dispose of some spare time and will be interested in getting rich in Spain. Therefore I would be grateful if you could provide me such a list within a fortnight, so that I can invite them for a presentation for which you will be welcome yourself as well, of course. Of course I will come by at the Malaca Instituto in the third week of March.

I hope to count on your indispensable collaboration. With kind regards, INSTITUTO CERVANTES HOLDING LIMITED. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN. Vice President. Added: Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes Engeland and Wales with fragments of Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales