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Friday, 18-07-1997
I decided to send you my enclosures of REPORT 26 because you have to know which responsibility I took and you have to be informed about every step I made. Important for example is that Mr Blair must be aware of the situation and it's good that he personally is getting to try to solve the constitutional crisis in the United Kingdom. Therefore he has to be informed about my intentions. I think it will be warm hearted.
Scorpio: 'A fine day to get into contact with people far away. At the moment you have some spare time and you want to do something with it. A good moment to visit acquaintances and to tighten friendship relationships'. I think of Prince Filip of Belgium. I will send him a request to invite me in BRUSSELS in combination with a visit to the Dutch Embassy and the European Commission. I will announce this in a fax to our ambassador. I also read that the restored Globe Theatre has been opened. That will be a second idea to visit.
I would like to emphasize that it is extremely important to draw one line: First You and Me, then getting other people into the picture. Otherwise you will become disturbed. So no discussion with other people. First an agreement. I sent the following message to Prince Filip:

'Concerns: Visit to Brussels. Royal Highness, Next to my letter of last 27 March I have the honour to inform You about the developments afterwards. From 17 till 30 April I executed my mission in the United Kingdom and authorized my aimed British collaboration partner to represent me in England and Wales. I handed over the English version of my policy plan - amongst others - to the District Council of Stratford-upon-Avon and the Management of Warwick Business School. Next I decided to return to the Benelux until next 28 S eptember in order to start up here the development process of the new organization. Therefore I established now in the centre of the country in order to build the bridge with my Spanish namesake here. From 17 till 21 August I will remain again in the United Kingdom (Windsor) within the framework of an excursion organized by the magazine 'Vorsten' to the Royal Gardens and hope to be able to discuss new collaboration ideas on that occasion. Before I would appreciate to pay a visit to BRUSSELS to have an exchange of ideas with You for a short while. I also promised our Prime Minister to visit Mr Dehaene in connection with the filling-in of a Belgian paragraph in my Business Plan. Besides I consider it necessary to have a conversation with the European Minister of Education in order to hear from her in which way the European Commission can give a financial contribution to my plan. I will appreciate it very much to be informed on which day a visit like mentionned above may be possible. For the good order I report that I send a copy of this letter to our ambassador in BRUSSELS by fax and a translation in English to my aimed partner in the United Kingdom. With feelings of high esteem.'

Fax message to the ambassador with the message: 'I have the honour to fax you my letter of today to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Belgium in which the last developments concerning the Business Plan Instituto Cervantes are given and I request for an appointment with Him, the Belgian Prime Minister and the European Minister of Education. In accordance with Your promise on 6 November 1996 to introduce me at the European Commission I request You herewith to fulfill an intermediary role. Regarding my aimed British collaboration partner in the United Kingdom I can report You that I have made Her an Honourable Proposal as of next 28 September. I am convinced that with acceptance Her problems will be solved.' I see The Mirror and The Sun and the postcard (for the record):

'My Dearest Camilla,
Happy 50th birthday! Only 14 years to go till mine! I hope you let Charles have a piece of your birthday cake - He's always liked having his cake and eating it. I wanted to send you a special commemorative front page of The Times for the day you were born, but they only go back to 1788. I'm having a lovely time here in the south of France, lying in the sun. And the Mail, the Express and the Telegraph. Got to dash - I've seen another camera lens - and I'm too far away! Love YOUR new-look, it really suits a woman of your age. With fondest love, Diana XXX.'

In closing I go to the British horoscopes. So here We go.

This is my Ultimatum: 28 September!

Welcome Home Love! Yours For Ever! Hope to see You soon.

Your Manager

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