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Sunday, 29-06-1997
Today I went
From the Neude to The Loo. There I delivered a letter for Princess Margriet, with the text: "Concerns: Announcement, APELDOORN, 29 June 1997, This letter is to announce that I would like to marry Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales, in the Anglican Chapel of this Palace on 28 September 1997. Yours Faithfully, INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales, J.L. VAN DER HEYDEN, Manager Benelux"

In the Palace I received number 28 for my umbrella and key number 04 for the locker. On my question if I could have a rest in the Palace I got the answer that I have to wait. Of course I went first to the chapel. It contains 41 chairs. In the dining room they played beautiful classic music and the table was perfectly prepared with red and purple roses. I watched a video tape about the history of the Palace and intended to buy one for you. But that was not possible. I noted that Mr Elco Brinkman opened the palace after its restauration. There was also a bus with British visitors. On my way back home I was collected by a taxi. The driver was a young woman with blond hair and exactly the same eyes as you have. So I told her my secret, that I was preparing a wedding unless I did not yet have the answer. She belonged to a group of students - apparently from Leiden - with wooden shoes. In Utrecht a singer sung With a little help from my friends. Tomorrow I will write a letter to Mr Paul Rhem or Mrs Piekema of the PR-office. For the first time I took place on the terrace before the cafe 't Neutje' looking at the Dragon Burough Street. Next to me there is an office for Recruitment and Selection of Vedior ASB. They have a Sunflower in their shop-window and two pairs of glasses in the colours yellow and blue. I am not very fond of blue. But perhaps that might be another challenge. I noted that Mr Ratelband is obliged to divorce. It's a pity that he did not get into contact with me when he had the chance last Sunday.