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Tuesday, 17-06-1997
I already did. 'Sometimes it is impossible to satisfy everyone'. That's true. So today I will follow the developments during the Eurotop and prepare the Business Plan for Education Supportcenter. Now that 'employability' has become priority in the EU-policy, this will become the main message to them as well. I brought the Business Plan to our Lord Mayor Opstelten (Mrs Van Ginkel) and sent it to Education Supportcenter in Rijswijk. I read 'Di jets to States for landmine campaign'.
I like the style of walking. It's just like my Former Number One. I will keep that photograph. Also that one of the girl next to it, heading for Royal Ascot today. Because of the beautiful Red Hat, of course. It would be nice if you have the occasion to discuss the Cervantes Project also in the United States, but I can imagine that landmines have your first concern. As there is a lot to organise I may presume that you will be back in Concorde before the weekend. Finally that trip goes faster then the one to Australia. Scorpio: 'As Venus is under pressure from Saturn later this week you may find you have to push yourself harder. You may have too many irons in the fire. Above all, make sure plans or ideas are put into operation today. Then there is nothing can do about it.' He is right. I put my ideas into operation already. I visited the manager of TopStart here who advised me to speak with the new Product Manager in Gouda. That will be something for next week. I also went back to the District Court for having made a photograph that I will send you at the end of this month. And I decided to go and have new Heart Fitness trainings here, Love! This evening I will go to the Lions and will see Henry IV another time in Stratford. But not alone. Although I did not meet you yet I consider you as my best friend. I am a Quixote, as you know! Number One! I took some time to look at Royal Ascot on BBC1 and I really like to know more about your traditions. I think it's a beautiful manifestation that we must keep in honour. Also within a European concept.