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Thursday, 20-02-1997
called. She cleans my house next Thursday. 20 FEBRUARI 1997 FAXBERICHT OPENING SPAANSE VESTIGING VAN ONS BEDRIJF TER ATTENTIE VAN MINISTER-PRESIDENT WIM KOK VAN HET KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN. I do take the initiative and I think the writer of the horoscope is right at this moment. As a queen you will not be allowed to involve to much into political matters. I do. I am also allowed to send you my reports. I proposed the superintendent of our police corps to acquire the Toyota Camry for his car park. I sent him the following message:

'I have the honour to send you my appointment as the director of Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales. This means that I will establish within a short term in the United Kingdom. Therefore I have my house for sale already and do I have to buy a house over there which will exceed my budget. Therefore I have an eye on an appartment in Walcote House, Blackdown, Royal Leamington Spa near Warwick. The prices of the appartments amount on average 200.000 British Pounds, about 550.000 Dutch guilders. In this aspect I refer to my letter of 22 November 1996, in which I advised you to buy the Toyota Camry in order to extend your car park. Might you have decided in the meantime, then I request you to report this to me. Then I will be qualified for a commission which can solve my first liquidity problem'.

I also sent a message to the Toyota Dealer with the account number 66834465 of NatWest. I do not notice long oppressed feelings but I do have a lot of laughs when I read my letters. I received a letter of Robert Wassenaar of Marlboro@Project with the message that he can not invite me for the next round but that he will keep me informed about the continuation of the Project. I am curious because I wrote him about my 'fifth peppermint' of BLENHEIM PALACE. My fax message to the Prime Minister is as follows: 'In the article 'Sociëteit voor Spanjaarden' in 'de Telegraaf' of today I read that my good friend José María Aznar - who I gave a leg up once - opened yesterday on the Domplein in Utrecht the 'Dutch version of the Instituto Cervantes'.

I read in this article "Who felt himself as a fish in the water in this Spanish surroundings, was our Minister of Economical Affairs dr. Hans Wijers who held his speech in fluent Spanish. Critically he spoke however: "You must do it with the Spanish I picked up during the many travels I made in Spain and Latin America. When I get into a more quiet phase of my life in a later stage, I gladly will use your courses to learn Spanish really." Besides director prof. Gullón declares according to the mentionned article "We need no extra money, we are able to pay our way by the income of courses."On that subject I report the following:

1. Professor Gullón acts contrary to my trade mark right.
2. The first conversations regarding the development of Instituto Cervantes Benelux took place in 1992 on the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD).

You understand that I seriously feel abandonned by the Dutch Government. I will come back at this matter shortly in a letter and trust in a collaboration to a definitive solution of my problem. I have a letter to your Spanish colleague in preparation and I report to London." Mr Davies broke off the wedding because the bride was not pregnant. I think he has to read The Rules. That's the difference.