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Sunday 26-01-97
Very tired of all the impressions of yesterday that I relate now. During my train travel to Utrecht in DRIEBERGEN-ZEIST two old ladies entered and told me that the night before one of my town councillors had been shot. At the entrance of the Beatrix building a security agent guided me to the Congress Centre where I have been searching three quarters of an hour for my entry ticket of the Association for the National Education Exhibition NOT '97.
Finally I bought one myself and showed the Christmas card of Mr. Aznar at the caissière in order to avoid queuing. At the exhibition I spoke first with a guide of the Tourist Information Centre of Delft who knew everything about William of Orange and second with Mr. Rhem of the Palace Het Loo in APELDOORN. I seem to be very known there already. On 29 September last year I had a conversation there with Mr Steurbaut about the Order of the Garter. Palace Het Loo has a beautiful Anglican Chapel from the time of your Dutch King William and Mary Stuart. Before the annual members meeting I shaked hands with the president of the association of teachers in living languages and told him about the Christmas cards I was carrying. Then I assisted the meeting of the Spanish section. They had done a lot of good work e.g. the production of a guide of Spanish in the Netherlands and the preparation of a Congress of Spanish on 27 September in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes. Therefore they founded a Foundation Congress Spanish. This has my approval. I told Mr. J.P. Nauta that I will provide him some participants and explained the members of the meeting the legal position of my Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux showing them the Christmas cards of the Prime Ministers of Spain and the Netherlands and of Mr Blankert with the bridge that has to be built.

I told Mr Nauta that the date 27 September had been very well chosen. I told him that I read about 27 questions, that I had answered question 28 and seen the answer on page 29. I also told him that there is a bottle of Champaign waiting. He understood the message. A Spanish member of the association, working for the institute Mariposa in Gouda, asked me why I would not change the name of my institute and I told her that that might depend on a proposal for a ransom. Just like happened with the name of Amsterdam ArenA. But there are more parties involved of course. After the meeting we had a drink. A sort of Round Table Conference like King Arthur. My mayor speaking partner was Miss Kok. I also spoke with a teacher from Aruba. He agreed completely with my ideas and was known with the rector of the Colegio Arubano in Oranjestad. That rector has visited me once when I was a teacher on primary level. The biggest fun was a meeting with a French lady who had been teaching French and Spanish for my institute in Heerlen in 1980. I told her of my actual position and the story of Earl Karel van der Heyden who lived near Heerlen (Kasteel Terworm) and was a member of the Senate of Napoleon and I promised her that our next meeting would be in the Elysée Palace. It had been a long time ago that I had spoken French, but you may imagine that I had a lot of laughs as well. Too much as a matter of fact because I could not stop laughing - the bad habit of the horoscope - and so I entered into the bar Karel de Stoute (Charles the Bold), where they played I'm on the top of the world. That made the situation only worse and after a phone call they changed the music and I left that establishment. In the shopping centre of the railway station two boys from Angola had a enthousiastic performance. I took some photographs from them and promised to send them to St. James's Palace. I travelled back by train with two beautiful young women of 22 years old who had their first photo session for a model bureau. I told them my life story. When I arrived home I found an envelope with the message On Her Majesty's Service Code No. C30 and the codes 3 300636, 626, 655 with the Certificate of Incorporation No. 3300636 and Memorandum of Association of Instituto Cervantes Limited.

When you marry me You will be the New Empress on a complete legal basis! Palace Het Loo will be the most appropriate location to celebrate The Wedding. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven knows me very well already from 17 September last year in The Hague. I read the front page of the NRC of yesterday 'Aanslag op politici Nijmeegse PvdA'. Mr. J. Thielen en Mr. G. van Rumund have been shot in the bar De Tempelier. I visited this bar in the evening of New Year's Day. I am not very glad with this situation but I am obliged to mention this in this letter. The offender went to the police himself. Again there will be a lot of work to do for the Dutch police and justice. I do not want to get involved in this sort of situations. It's a shame!