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Friday 17-01-97
Letter to a colleague concerning Heart Operations in difference from my statement in my last letter. I will inform her in matters in relation with her own business. In the afternoon I noticed that the bank statements of 1996 of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux had been stolen out of my house. Reported to the police. Fax to Secretary Sorgdrager of Justice. Ten minutes later helicopter survey. I need a saver place. Well guarded. Cardio-fitness. Reading the Daily Mirror. I was shocked by the article about ecstasy and will continue my fight against drugs. You had the same experience concerning mines. I would not allow you to end your life in a minefield if I were your legal partner, but I support the intention. Photograph of 'The Dragon' in the NRC by 'Leo van Velzen'. Probably my former colleague. I ask myself the question: How large is the distance between 'Cervantes' and the Dragon of Wales?