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Monday 13-01-97 Yesterday evening I visited Bar Kandinsky. Purple candles had been replaced by pink candles. My horoscope of today: 'Partnerships ask the attention. Profit arises from activities you accomplished on the off chance. A romance with an attractive foreign person can be dangerous. Calm down.' I dedicate myself today to Instituto Cervantes Limited United Kingdom. For the benefit of the start up of the companies in the Benelux this weekend I sent a letter to the editor of the Magazine 'De Groene Amsterdammer' and invited the four writers of the articles about 'Cervantes' to have a pleasant evening in my house. I will invite them in the executive committee of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. I sent a letter to the director of the Dutch Institute for Marketing. He has been a colleague of mine in a Dutch-Spanish collaboration project in the year 1989. Now he presents an educational programme about marketing before Dutch television on Sunday morning. A romance between you and me can be dangerous of course. I consider the gossip stories about the relationship with the Stratford family dangerous too. It gives rise to undesirable speculations that can bring my strategy into danger. I noticed that Prince Charles works from St. James's Palace as well and I may presume that He will be known with my letters. Nevertheless I think that problem will be a question of time. I read in de Telegraaf today that you are gearing your agenda's to one another for the benefit of the future of William and Harry. That is a very good step to put situations into balance. In complete harmony with your horoscope that advices you to gain knowledge of computer technology I invited a director of Cap Volmac bv to design an automation plan in addition to my business plan. He will have a presentation on de Baak about 'Web-enabled (commercial) business on January the 28. I received a letter of Marketing Director Suzanne Lorang of Rennert Bilingual concerning News from Dance and Carol Fonda & Company. I also sent a fax to Mrs Amanda Lovell, Managing Director of the Pitman Institute in order to arrange facilities in London and to develop English-Spanish management trainings together.