Vrijdag 9 augustus 2002 12.50 Ik ontving post uit Schotland: 2 August, 2002 Mr van der Heyden Torremolinos Spain C704 29620 Dear John, COME BACK FOR THE FINAL FLING! lts official - we are doing it one last time! The Land, The Light, The Locals will take place again in the Scottish Borders between the 29th of December 2002 and 1st of January 2003. With support from Scottish Enterprise Borders and Scottish Borders Tourist Board we will again be able to promote the importance of traditional music within the region and celebrate Hogmanay by touring various towns and villages with friends from near and far. The programme this year will embrace all of the usual features and 'weel kent faces'. There will be free sessions in pubs, concerts by local musicians, a ceilidh and of course the New Years Day Walk. The final programme won't be out until October, but we felt that you would want to know as soon as possible to ensure that you don't miss this one! lf you need help with finding accommodation then please contact the Scottish Borders Tourist Board. I'm in the process of moving house at the moment so if you have urgent queries about the programme you can e-mail me or write to me via the tourist board. I really hope you will be able to join us in what will no doubt be a fitting tribute to the last four years of celebrations in the Borders!!!! I'll be in touch again soon. Best wishes, Ros Halley Programme Manager Scottish Borders Tourist Board Shepherds Mill Whinfield Road Selkirk TD7 5DT www.scot-borders.co.uk

Chief Executive Riddell Graham Scottish Borders Tourist Board is a partnership organisation funded by Scottish Borders Council, Scottish Tourist Board and the local tourism industry, with support from Scottish Enterprise Borders. Mijn reactie (13.58):

Great News! Dear Ros, What a surprise! I received your letter today of last 2 August. So you are in charge again at te Borders. I seriously will consider to come back for the final fling. I will never forget the brochure that you sent me three years ago from the Deeside and the message "You located the Royals there". So in fact I consider it as a royal duty to come back. Much depends on the sales pitch of my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales in the United Kingdom. I hope you can be a helping hand to promote my book in all British bookshops. They can easily be ordered by email at www.trafford.com in Victoria BC, Canada. My sales managers are Ben Harrison and Bruce Batchelor. I also hope to count on the collaboration of Althorp House. Recently they sent me the following message concerning their gift shop.

"Dear Mr Van Der Heyden, Thank you for your email letting us know about the book you have written. The designers welcome all suggestions and I have passed on your details to them for them to consider when they begin to design next year's range. Yours sincerely, Helen Boucher Shop Manager." I am looking forward to their further proceedings. I think it would be a good idea that I combine my trip to Scotland with a visit to Althorp House to present my book. I already delivered the manuscript there on 25 December 1997 on behalf of the Spencer Family. During our New Years Day Walk on the 1st of January 2000 I was specificly surprised by the visit of the Wizard of Oz. He plays a very important role in my book. I also met him on the 26th of April 1997 in Warwick Castle as can be read in my book on the pages 220-222. Together with three ladies in blue, yellow and red.

I was specifically charmed by the Lady in Red as you know. As a matter of fact I have to continue Her work now as the owner of Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales. But I can not do everything alone. So I hope to count on your indispensable support. Attached you find the photograph of the Wizard and the Ladies. I also dispose of a series of fotos from the weekend in 1999/2000. If you would like to have them I will send them on CD. Please give my regards tot Riddell Graham, John Wright, Kenny Speirs and Stewart Hardy. From 28 August till 28 October I will be in the Netherlands. My agenda for December is still open. So you sent the information on the right time. Looking forward to your reaction. With Love from Spain. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN TORREMOLINOS More information on LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES.

22.11 Ik luister nu naar de muziek van de John Wright Band.