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Date: 12 September 1997. Time: 13.40. Concerns: INVESTIGATION Number of pages: 5. Dear Mrs Spencer, As the Spider in the WorldWide Web I let myself daily be guided by my horoscope.Therefore I started with the news analysis. It was a good televison interview with Willem Alexander. The reactions are positive and he did not catch into the trap in which Princess Diana has fallen. I still regret that She did some personal statements that became fatal to Her. Once I suggested some common friends of us to build a so called 'Diana Temple'. Yesterday evening I made my own Diana Temple with Her photograph and the message 'Diana, We will never forget you'. In front of that photograph I lighted three candles in the colours red, green and yellow. I received those candles as a Mysterious Present on the day that She went to Australia last October. The colours are the symbols of the institutes that I have leaded; 'Foundation Professional Education (yellow)', 'Foundation Nieuw Elan (red)' and 'Institute of English Studies (green)'. I read that 71 percent of the British population finds that the royal house has to modernise, "more democratic and approachable after the example of the monarchy and the royal family in the Netherlands". That is exactly the reason why I went to ETON COLLEGE last 23 April. I discussed this issue already in October last year with an advisor of Prince Willem-Alexander on Palace Het Loo in APELDOORN after he had asked me 'Are you planning to take over the whole country, Mr van der Heyden?' My answer was 'No I prefer to leave it to others but then it have to be good ones.' 'So what do you want to do next?' was his answer, which I replied with 'Helping Princess Diana with the education of Her children.' 'That is a good idea' were his last words. And so it started. I considered this more or less as a royal permission to maintain that course. I am prepared to work together and to collaborate with every party involved. Regarding my proposed conversation with you I will understand when you need more time. First to investigate the Al Fayed intervention in my personal life and preparing yourself for a positive outcome. In order to help you in this matter I herewith send you my correspondence regarding that situation. I hope it will throw a new illuminating light on the problem. Yours sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN Added: Letter ICNBLEW/Harrods 970808 date 8 August 1997; Letter on behalf of Mr Mohamed Al Fayed date 13 August 1997

Fax message to Harrods Knightsbridge date 16-08-1997, 14.00 continental time; Fax message to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed dat 29 August 1997, 18.30 Continental Time.