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CONFIDENTIAL The vicar of St. Mary's Church, The Reverend Mr David Brindley, Church Street 21, Warwick. WARWICK 29TH APRIL 1997. As the owner of the trade mark INSTITUTO CERVANTES in the NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM and LUXEMBURG and the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY INSTITUTO CERVANTES ENGLAND AND WALES I requested the 28TH OF DECEMBER in a letter to be my future partner: LADY DIANA FRANCES SPENCER born on 1st of July 1961 at SANDRINGHAM. I also proposed Her to contract Holy Matrimony in the PALACE HET LOO, in the ANGLICAN CHAPEL in APELDOORN on 28 September of this year. I am waiting for an answer from KENSINGTON PALACE, but I herewith ask your collaboration and support on that proposal on behalf of THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Hoping to meet you again in the future I thank you in advance for your wellwilling collaboration. Yours Sincerely, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN.