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Thursday, 10-04-1997
He did not show up last monday. So I wrote him a letter with my experiences and the message that a bottle of Veuve Clicquot is still waiting. I think he would be wise to read The Mirror and The Sun. I received the message that de Baak can not continue to be my reference to potential investors. So I will have to look for new references in Britain. I will clean my house because of this evening I will be visited by the president. He is particularly interested in my royal letters and has contact with Prince Bernhard. Perhaps he may be a good reference for my plans as well. So I propose myself to give him my Business Plan too. The Valkhof Foundation has a very good Council of Recommendation that can support my plans as well, presided by Mr Ron Lubbers. I consider my letter of yesterday already as the deliberate financial I made already. So now I will start to use the heather broom again. By the way. Speaking about body languages. I saw mr Kok yesterday on television in the Amsterdam ArenA on the same place where Her Royal Majesty started "the wave" last summer during the opening ceremony. Our Prime Minister was singing with a big smile and a flag in his hand "We are the champions of the world" and "You'll never walk alone". He seemed to be rather relaxed. I can imagine where he was thinking about. I think I have to send him a reminder.
But first cleaning the house. I found last Valkhofnieuws 1996 - 4 with an article by Maurice Vollebregt. I spoke with Mr Vollebregt and his partner last Sunday in the Saint Nicholas Chapel about what happened in the castle in 1568. Sent a letter to Barcelona. He seems to have the right background to participate: MBA and Spanish. Yesterday I also looked to the football match of Manchester United in Dortmund. United's goal keeper is from Arentheem. He was in purple. Arent is the forefather of the noble family Van der Heyden van Doornenburg. Purple matched very well in that match between red and yellow.