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3 January 1997
THE PROJECT OF PROJECTS Dear Diana, Within a fortnight after my residence in Leeuwarden the Frisian capital tomorrow will be the centre of the world's most famous Tours of Tours, the Eleven Towns Skating Tour. You undoubtedly will read this in the paper if you have the time. Big events cast their shadows ahead. To me it means the forecast of the Project of Projects: the realization of the Cervantes plan and the Dragon Vision Wizard, that is starting now. A specific date to me will be the 22nd of April this year. This will be the fifth anniversary of my freedom after having chosen for a new future and a new relationship, if possible. I think I have been a little spoiled by having had the occasion to collaborate with a magnificent colleague in the years 1989-1991. So I decided to stay alone until having found an equal partner in whatever way it might be. In the first place I think of spiritual partners with an equal vision. In my imagination I have two important feminine partners Queen Elizabeth of Noordwijk and Queen Diana on the other side of the sea. I have to confess that a personal contact with her will be very difficult because of the fact that I liked her too much and a personal involvement is very undesirable. So I think it will be wise that you will be my primary personal contact from now on. The letter of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof of the 13th of November expressed two times that unfortunately you had not the opportunity for a personal meeting on Christmas.
This means a lot to me. So I decided to get our thoughts into the same direction. I read in the Daily Mirror that you spent your Christmas alone on a Carribean Island. Just like I expected. And I think you have done well. Like I wrote to Mrs MacMillan you need your rest and privacy. You need some time to be alone. A period of mourning. The main theme of our queen in Her Christmas speech. I appreciate very much your efforts to ask the Duchess of York to be my companion on Christmas. I was very critical but these days I saw 'Fergie's' interview with Oprah Winfrey. To me it was an eye-opener. I was positively surprised about the respect she expressed in your direction and the way she confessed her mistakes. Nevertheless my main course will remain St. James's Palace. My plans now have reached the stage of financing. I need companies willing to participate financially in the new organization. First in the Netherlands, later on in Britain. In spring I hope to be able to move to England for a while to open negotiations with British friends, such as the Pitman Institute and to expand afterwhile to the United States, where I have some friends in the institute Rennert Bilingual in New York. I received their Christmas message: 'It's time for peace and joy'. What do you think about that? Mary Ridell advised you today in the Daily Mirror to stay single. I think she is right. Enclosed you find THE empty chair. I will wait until you will be able to occupy that chair. Meanwhile I go on with the development of the new organization. With Love.