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Date: 15 November 1997. Time: 20.00 Continental Time. Concerns: EUROPEAN CERVANTES FOUNDATION Number of pages: 3. Dear Sirs, This fax message is to announce that today I decided to change the Foundation Cervantes Benelux - of which I am the founder - into European Cervantes Foundation. The First President will posthumously be Princess Diana as I promised already to Her during her life. The main objective of the foundation will be the set up of charity projects for Spanish speaking people. Therefore I need the support of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. As you will probably know I was about to marry the Princess on last 28 September in Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. I received the message that she already had agreed with my proposal. Therefore I request you to give me the address and other data of the Princess Diana Fund. You herewith find the certificate of Incorporation of Instituto Cervantes England and Wales, that I dedicated to Diana. You will without any doubt understand that I am still in shock and therefore I need your support to carry on with Her work and build up the organization as I promised to Her in the 66 letters that I sent Her from 28 August 1996 till 31 August 1997. After having lighted my Candle in the Wind in Canterbury Cathedral on 1 August 1996, appointed Her Queen of Hearts in BRUSSELS on 6 November 1996 and My Fifth Rose on 30 April of this year in London. Thanking you very much in advance. Yours sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES HOLDING LIMITED. JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN Vice President. Added: Thanksgiving on behalf of the British Royal Family, date 19.9.1997; Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales