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To: ETON COLLEGE Windsor Berkshire SL4 6DW. Attention: Sergeant David Sharp. Date: 1-09-1997. Hour: 08.30 (Continental time). Concerns: CONDOLENCES Number of pages: 1. Dear Mr Sharp, You may understand how shocked I am by the death of My Lady. During the last year I have done everything I could to save Her out of Her awkward position and appointed Her Head of My Organization that had to be started up in Britain and the Benelux under Her admirable leadership. Still last week I sent a letter to Balmoral Castle to request Queen Elizabeth for Her permission for a marriage between Lady Diana and me on next 28 September. I also had offered Mr Dodi Al Fayed a 49% participation in the company VAN DER HEYDEN/SPENCER to be founded. During my visit to the Royal Palaces last week, the personnal reacted enthousiastically. I had everything arranged, legally. All I needed was a signature of the Princess and the preparations were almost finished. It was a pity that She was not home last 18 August. If so She would still have been alive and I have warned Her so many times. This evening I left a copy of one of my last letters to Her in front of the British Embassy in The Hague. I miss Her very much and I am in a deep mourning, but the show must go on and I will continue the job. But of course I want to visit the funeral and herewith request you to send me an invitation. Also for my colleague Mrs Elizabeth Halbertsma, Managing Director of the Management Centre VNO-NCW in NOORDWIJK whom I invited to be my companion on that occasion. In closing may I express my deepest regret for the loss of the Most Wonderful Woman of the World, Our Princess of Hearts. I love Her and Her children. I am looking to the televison now and see the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. I realize how close We were in fact. Yours Sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales JOHANNES VAN DER HEYDEN General Manager