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Neude 30 C 3512 AG Utrecht Netherlands Telephone and fax 00 31 30- 233 1574. TELEFAX Destination: The Sun. Attention: Mr Andrew Morton. Telefaxnumber: 00 44 171 782 4063. Concerns: Horoscope. Sender: J.L. Van der Heyden. Date: 29 August 1997. Time: 13.10 Continental Time. Number of pages: 1. Dear Mr Morton, I established that you had not the occasion to visit me in Windsor last week. But it was a great pleasure to see your Royal Palaces again from the inside. It was a pity that my aimed partner was not at home, but I left my Certificate of Incorporation of the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales in KENSINGTON PALACE.

I also sent a letter to Balmoral Castle and hope to be invited very soon. I also read our horoscopes in your magazine. It looks very good: "Cancer: 'Do not be pressured into making a decision - follow your own path. With Mercury now well supported by Mars in Scorpio, you can expect a good deal of encouragement. Of course, whether you want to get involved in a new venture is completely up to you'. So Scorpio is still in the picture. I asked Our Government to organize A Party next 28 September because our Minister of Finances is still in debt with me and economics are doing well in this country. Scorpio: 'Truly fantastic planetary activity in the next few days will remove many doubts, insecurities and suspicions. Those who you believe to be your enemies will be surprisingly friendly and accommodating. Remember, you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind.' All right. I will prepare myself for a trip to Balmoral Castle, and to America of course. I am glad that my aimed partner has found a new sponsor already. Perhaps We can lend his jet ski during Our stay in Hollywood next month. There I have to visit a friend of Bill Clinton. His name is Guillaume, Guillaume Lesèvre, But I don't like to go alone. Yours Sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. JOHANNES VAN DER HEYDEN. Founder Foundation Cervantes Benelux. Owner Trade Name Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux Owner Limited Company 'Instituto Cervantes England and Wales, Manager Benelux.