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20-07-1997. 20.30 (Dutch time). Concerns: SECURITY MEASURES Dear Mr Sharp, I acknowledge the good receipt of the package that I sent on 1 July to KP. On last 16 July (1.30) I received a telephone call from Mr Mark Löwenstein from Utrecht, tel. 06 596 44 303. I consider this as your feedback. Today I have to report you the following: Yesterday my wallet with personal belongings has been stolen. Therefore I had to communicate the following messages. 19-07-1997, 20.45 to the Scientology Church in Amsterdam. I am very sorry but I had no other choice: Communication and Security First. I think the British girl Rachel is to be trusted. She is very concerned about the situation and the ideas of the International Association of Scientology is based on ethics. Today I sent a fax to our Minister of Justice: "Dear Mrs Sorgdrager, I send you this fax message personally because of the great interest for the state's security of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Yesterday about 17.00 my handbag has been stolen. It has been found later in a side alley of the Oudegracht here. From here my wallet has been stolen. The wallet contains very valuable documents such as passport, driving license, giro pass, eurocard, subscription Lucaya, subscription fitness centre and above all personally very important photographs and letters such as a copy of a fax message to you of last year. Also my money is gone. The thieves have handled very carefully and can with the help of the photographs turn to blackmail practices. For example towards the Princess of Wales whom I authorized some time ago to execute my authorities in the United Kingdom. The wallet also contains photographs of the interior of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden, where She sometimes is a guest incognito.

The thieves have taken notice of added letters of the Spanish Royal House and the Prime Minister. I request you concerning this matter to take immediate action and give priority to this occasion in order to trace the offenders as soon as possible before accidents will happen with the princess. She has had too many problems already. Thanking you very much in advance etc. etc. Added: Letter Nr. 96MO05714 of 26 July 1996 of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister; Letter of 22 May 1996 of the Casa de Su Majestad El Rey."

The wallet contains also my agenda and when the information has got into the wrong hands, then We have a serious problem that has to be solved before I come to England. As you see I consider this as a very serious problem and you can remain relying on me. At Your Service. Yours Sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales JOHANNES VAN DER HEYDEN