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Fecha: 12 de Agosto de 2004 Concierne: TRADUCCIÓN LETTERS TO DIANA Referencia: 20040812JHRdM Torremolinos, Jueves el 12 de Agosto de 2004 Estimado Amigo Rafael, Muchas gracias para tu amable ofrecimiento de considerar la traducción de mi libro Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales del inglés en español. En el CD adjunto encontrarás la versión completa en 'Pagemaker' de parte de mi editorial Trafford Publishing en Canada. Es la fila VANDER (tilde) 4. PDF (el tilde no encuentro en mi ordenador). Hágame el favor de acusar recibo de este paquete por teléfono. Para la tranquilidad necesaria no tengo comunicación con internet de momento. Rafael López Amate aconsejó la traducción en español ser publicado por Espasa Calpe. Sin embargo recientemente Trafford Publishing también abrió un sucursal en Madrid. Te sería indefinidamente agradecido si podrás conseguir la traducción y publicación del libro en España con un mínimo de riesgo personal y un máximo de beneficios. Por favor déjame saber como podremos proseguir.

Un saludo cordial desde la Costa del Sol,


News Release LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES tells of one man's quest for peace of mind

by John L. Van der Heyden ISBN 1-55212-939-X


On August 14, 1996, the Dutch author of LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, John L. Van der Heyden, decided to start a Dutch-English family company, 'Van der Heyden/Spencer', aiming to begin operations two weeks later on the day of Princess Diana's divorce - 28 August 1996. From that day onwards Van der Heyden became Her personal advisor. He proposed marriage to Diana on 28 December 1996, aiming for a 28 September 1997 marriage date - four weeks to the day of Diana's unfortunate kidnapping and death in Paris. "The most important point in this book is the fact that I invited Diana to become my wife and to start together a new worldwide organization with the name 'Cervantes' as a logical consequence of Her 'Quixotic Quest'," says Van der Heyden. "In my vision, Diana was kidnapped on the night of 31 August 1997, and this book will reveal the final outcome of the problem that rose after Diana's fatal accident in Paris." Van der Heyden continues: "I wrote the book in the first place to let the world know what the real truth was about Diana in my vision. LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES also reveals how the British Monarchy was saved by my intervention in April of 1997, although what transpired there could fill another book." Van der Heyden reveals he wrote this diary-like book for personal reasons as well. "I gained some peace of mind. I consider the writing of the book as a finalization of the most difficult period in my life in which I felt the heavy load of a worldwide responsibility on my shoulders and hope that many people are willing to collaborate to reach our objectives as described in the book. "The book describes my strategy to build the new Cervantes Organization," says Van der Heyden. "It deals with the problems that arose in the 16th Century in Spain, The Netherlands and England. It deals with the ideas of humanists such as Erasmus, Cervantes, Heydanus and Thomas More, and the book's main theme is 'Building Bridges'. I want readers to join my organization - the framework is already there." Van der Heyden details the diary-like quality of the book: "It can be called 'The Prince's Diary' or 'Purple Prince.' It is unique because all the letters, save for the last one, must have been read by the Late Princess of Wales and have guided her New Life. This can be confirmed by BUCKINGHAM PALACE and other Royal Palaces in the European Union."

LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES started as a type of Government Game, called The Dragon Vision Wizard of Oz. Within this framework Van der Heyden is, as he puts it, "the spider in the WorldWideWeb," and he is specifically interested in the stories of the other participants in the Game and in receiving their feedback.

To purchase copies, or read excerpts online, please go to www.trafford.com/robots/01-0341.html
Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales
by John L. Van der Heyden
435 pages; paperback; $31.99 US ($51.99 CDN)
published by Trafford Publishing
ISBN 1-55212-939-X

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Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales

by John L. Van der Heyden

435 pages; perfect bound; catalogue #01-0341; ISBN 1-55212-939-X; US$31.99, C$51.99

Author John L. Van der Heyden writes: "On the 14th of August 1996 I decided to start a Dutch-English family company 'Van der Heyden/Spencer' as from the day of Princess Diana's divorce - 28 August 1996 - under the name 'Instituto Cervantes'. As from that day I became Her personal advisor. I proposed a marriage to Her on 28 December 1996, starting on 28 September 1997. She was kidnapped in Paris exactly four weeks before."

About the Book

In April of 1992 John L. Van der Heyden registered a trademark for courses, trainings and education at the Benelux Trade Registrar in The Hague with the name Instituto Cervantes and founded the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. Four years later, on the 31st of July he invited the Crown Princes of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain to become the government of the foundation. The next day -- the first of August -- Van der Heyden went to England and lighted a candle at Canterbury Cathedral. From that time it became clear to him that Princess Diana was also interested in his project. How things developed from that time is explained in Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. The story ends with the fatal kidnapping in Paris, exactly four weeks before Diana and Van der Heyden's proposed wedding day in The Netherlands.

About the Author

John L. Van der Heyden was born in Nijmegen in The Netherlands, shortly after the Second World War. After having finished his secondary education and the teacher's training college he became a teacher of primary education and studied Spanish Language and Literature. From 1979 until 1987 he was a company director of a well-known language institute in The Netherlands. In February 1986 he decided during Expolangues in Paris to start a new company with the basic idea to create a better understanding between Dutch-, English-, and Spanish-speaking people. Therefore he took a course in general management at the Management Institute of the Dutch Employers' Organization 'de Baak' in Noordwijk where he also was a member of the Board until summer 1991. As from that time he planned the new company 'Instituto Cervantes' and advised the Secretaries of State of the Dutch Government in several letters. Therefore the Dutch Government was called 'Purple' because of the house colour of the Instituto Cervantes Benelux. This was also expressed in a British newspaper in the final line of a limerick in the summer of 1997 with the text 'And now their faces are Purple as Heather'. After Princess Diana's awful death in Paris he retired in Spain but still hopes that his Dream will come true by the publishing of this book.

Catalogue Information

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Heyden, John L. van der
Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales
ISBN 1-55212-939-X
1. Diana, Princess of Wales, 1961-1997--Miscellanea.
2. Heyden, John L. van der I. Title.
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