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Date: 24 April 2004 Concerns: THE WORLD IS MY WITNESS Reference: 20040424JHBH Dear William, I acknowledge receipt of your email of last Thursday with the following content. From: "Bill Holdsworth" Subject: Re: wants you to see this product at Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 17:52:27 Organization: phoenix network A Glance: Letters to Diana Princess of Wales Dear John van der Heyden, I am intrigued. Firstly with your name and the links to Nijmegen, and then - have I read it right-your possibility of marriage to Princess Diana! Certainly I am pleased you sat on my coat jacket and I had to tug it free. I tried to order the book via Amazon but my cash card Switch and Maestro does not seem to work. No matter I have a great mate who runs a book shop in The Cut ( the old Lambeth Walk, Waterloo, London ) who can obtain the book for me. So as part of my introduction I attach some of my electic background. Take a glass of cool white wine or what ever your tipple and read these in the bath. Look forward to meeting you soonest to talk more. best wishes Bill Holdsworth MSc ( NUJ) -- Original Message -- Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 4:28 PM Subject: wants you to see this product at JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN requested we send you this e-mail including this personal note: Hello ir. Bill Holdsworth, I found this book at and thought you might find it of interest. It was a pleasure to meet you this afternoon in the bus crossing the old Van der Heyden Estate (Heyendael = Van der Heyden - Dael). If you like to write an article about my book I will be at your disposition. I live in Spain but these days I stay at my mother's home. Yours Sincerely, John van der Heyden. P.S. Today it is exactly 7 years ago that I brought my Christmas Present to Princess Diana at KP in order to start my proposed engagement. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN. In Books Letters to Diana Princess of Wales by John L. Van Der Heyden ; Paperback Special Order* Our Price: $31.99 * See more information about this product.* Price and availability are subject to change. To read the reviews of Letters to Diana Princess of Wales, click here. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN requested that we send this message. If you have questions about, please visit our Help Department Earth's Biggest Selection Find, Discover, and Buy Virtually Anything

I am very pleased with your reaction. I followed your advise and I went to the sauna in Ellecom yesterday to read your biographical note and have a drink at the same time. It contains a lot of references to my personal history and story. It is a very impressive story that I have read about your life.

I took this photograph of my sons Mark and Ramon on the 5th of August 1996 before we were guided around through St. George's Chapel by a lady in waiting of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II after having invited the Crown Princes of the Benelux and Spain in the government of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. As far as I can remember her name was Lady Spencer. That was shortly before Diana's divorce from Prince Charles. I divorced four years before in April 1992. Diana separated form Charles shortly after I had founded the Foundation Cervantes Benelux on the 8th of October 1992. The objective was and will be: Building Bridges. Building Bridges between the Benelux, Spain and the United Kingdom within the spirit of Don Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra in order to unite people instead of separating them. Nowadays Ramon studies architecture as well at the TU Eindhoven after having finished the Polytechnic in 's-Hertogenbosch. My eldest son Mark graduated on the 31st of August (!) 2000 in Utrecht in Natural Sciences and specializes in ICT as a consultant of CapGemini.

As you can see on this photograph I was not completely recovered from Princess Diana's death at that time. We are a Family of Statesmen. Already as from the time of Gaspar van der Heyden (1530-1586), founder of the State's Church of the Netherlands and fellow founder of the State of the Netherlands together with William of Orange (23 april 1533 - 1584). In this sense today is a very special day because of the wedding of Prince Johan Friso and Mabel Wisse Smit. Prince Friso was completely informed about my relationship to The Princess of Wales as from the date of Her divorce, the 28th of August 1996. Of course this relationship had to remain secret until the 28th of September 1997. We are the oldest High Noble Family - although not as rich as the Prince of Wales (but that can be changed!) - in Western Europe like the Spencers in the United Kingdom. I read your Architectural Engineering Profile and am astonished about your engineering qualities. My son Mark also graduated on the subject of energy saving e.g. the treaty of Rio de Janeiro for which he stayed a couple of weeks in Hong Kong. These days he is visiting Caroline's family in New York. Her brother Diederik works for Human Rights Watch. My son Ramon will undoubtedly be interested in the activities of your limited company and your ideas of solar and other alternative and appropriate technologies. I may suppose that the Prince of Wales will be very interested in your ecological design methods although My Lady was more interested in people than in buildings.

I will be interested in your systems in the Hotels in Spain because I proposed to change the name of the NH Hoteles into Hotels Cervantes as a worldwide chain of hotels within the Instituto Cervantes Holding concept. Starting with the Hotel Cervantes in Torremolinos. I am specificly interested in the swimming bath you designed for HM The Queen-Windsor. I visited Her estate Frogmore House the 19th of August 1997, the day after I had delivered copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales on behalf of Diana at Kensington Palace in order to make it THE Dutch-English Family Company.

That was twelve days before Diana was mortally kidnapped by the son of the chairman of Harrods and the Ritz in Paris. In this sense of course I am also interested in your work in lecturing, writing and broadcasting. Something about the history of my native town is to be found at La relación espiritual entre Heydanus, Erasmo y Cervantes I pronounced this lecture - in Spanish - on the 24th of July last year in the Faculty of Rights of the University of Alcalá de Henares, Cervantes' birthplace town as a consequence of my conversation with economic development manager Philip Homer of Stratford-upon-Avon on the 28th of April 1997 as the final end of my royal mission in that year.

The science of ethymology has served as the basis of this study. This way I found out that the place Malden, where you are living, must be historically related with the Knights of Malta who must have used the 'Maldens Vlak' as a spot of assembling before starting their crusades towards the Holy Land. That idea also explains the presence of the Holy Land Foundation not far from there. I can tell you much more about this subject if you want, because I studied my Family History already since 1995. You will also be interested in my eldest son Mark as a script-writer of musicals. He collaborates with Frank Sanders in Amsterdam on his Musical Academy. I will send him your Uni-plus Lecturing Profile. I am astonished about all the things you have done. Perhaps once I have to go to Kingston upon Thames, because in Henley on Thames started my relationship to Diana on the 6th of August 1996. It was at the time that you were a member of The Green Audit Research Group at Kingston University and Queen Sofía of Spain visited Salamanca the second of May when I was a guest there as the initiator of the institute 'don Quijote' founded by the Dutchman RENÉ DE JONG.

On that occasion my attention was drawn to Princess Diana's problems by a girl from England. The day before we made an excursion to the 'Peña de Francia' and 'La Alberca'.

Now you can find the same kind of spencer that I wore on that occasion in the Museum at Althorp House.

My 'Dream of Red and Yellow', the colours of the Spanish flag. In October 1997 you gave 4 lectures on sustainable design at The Prince of Wales, Institute of Architecture, London, UK. I know that Charles is very interested in architecture. He visited on that occasion some houses in the Laekense Straat in Brussels in the first week of November 1996, a couple of days before I proclaimed Diana 'Queen of Hearts' in a symbolic act in the same street after my conversation there with our Ambassador Röell on the 6th of November 1996. You can read it in my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales and I am happy that you have a friend with a bookshop in The Cut who can start the sales in the United Kingdom. It's very easy. He only has to purchase copies of the book at Trafford Publishing in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, only by sending an email to the publisher. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth received the first sample of my manuscript with Christmas 1997 to avoid every ambiguity about the issue in legal matters as you can read on London Report Christmas 1997 I presented the book also at the MGIMO University in Moscow on Friday the 29th of March 2002 to be translated and published into Russian.

Perhaps this may be a basis for a new television programme for BBC World Service. I am convinced that this will solve a lot of misunderstandings all over the world. Your Political profile also gives rise to describe my position in the political field. At the time that I entered the new Dutch movement Nieuw Elan in the late eighties I started a discussion at the Dutch Management Institute in Noordwijk and Hoofddorp about all the money that was wasted by manifestations in the street that did not contribute to the well being of our society. So I decided to bring the employers-, employees- and governmental organizations together in one model. As those ideas were discussed in Hoofddorp as the centre of the Haarlemmermeerpolder the model was called Polder Model. In England it was called The Third Way (adapted by Tony Blair) and also my friend José María Aznar followed the model as from 1996 until 11-3-2004. The model consisted in a strong collaboration between those parties and removing all criminal organizations from our territory building 'dikes' around the regions that had been cleaned. I called this operation 'Operation Heidebezem'. Of course you will understand were the name 'Purple Government' comes from. As the owner of the trade mark Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux I became a legal colleague of the King of Spain and of course of His Colleagues in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Therefore I had no other choice than to remain in the very center like an emperor as I wrote our queen on the 31st of July 1996. That's why I went to England on the first of August. To find an equal partner: My Invisible Manager at KP. You find my correspondence with Royal Houses and Ministers on Correspondentie Regeringen Your supposed political friend Paul Rosenmöller can confirm the whole story and Lady Sarah McCorquodale (Diana's sister) as well.

My Lady in the colours of INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX and

Now I like to have a drink. Perhaps we can have the next drink together.