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1661 - TEAM 1 COUNTY COURT BULK CENTRE 4TH FLOOR ST KATHERINE'S HOUSE 21-27 ST KATHARINE'S STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2LH UNITED KINGDOM Date: 2nd of June 2002 Concerns: 'Claim No. XH 2 04462' Reference: JH/NCC20020602 Torremolinos, Sunday 2-06-2002 Dear Sirs, Herewith you find my reaction to claim No. XH 2 04462 that was sent to the Haags Juristen College on Cyprus on 07 May 2002 that I received last 29th of May in Spain. Attached you find my 'Acknowledgment of Service' and 'Defence and Counterclaim'. As you will notice I decided not to make a counterclaim against the office of Howard Cohen & Co, but I sincerely hope that this kind of problems will be avoided in the future. You will also read on the back side of last mentionned form: "I will not make a claim against the claimant but certainly will need your help for claiming other parties who are responsible for Princess Diana's death." Therefore herewith you find the information of my book LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The book contains the original texts of the letters that I sent to the Princess of Wales as from the date of Her divorce on 28 August 1996 until Her fatal kidnapping in Paris, almost five years ago. Most letters were sent registered and all of them were checked by Princess Diana's bodyguard Sgt. David Sharp at ETON COLLEGE as I noticed during my conversation with him on the 23rd of April 1997. THIS IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Yours Sincerely, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN TORREMOLINOS SPAIN C.C. Haags Juristen College (Cyprus). Attachments: 1. Acknowledgement of Service Claim No. XH 2 04462; 2. Defense and Counterclaim No. XH 2 04462; 3. Fax message to Lewis Debt Services d.d. 29/5/2002, 15.25; 4. Fax message to Howard Cohen & Co d.d. 29/5/2002, 15.04; 5. Fax message to Companies Housse Cardiff d.d. 29/5/2002, 14.42; 6. Fax message to Lewis Debt Services d.d. 29/5/2002, 13.59; 7. Solicitud de transferencia van de Banco Popular in Torremolinos d.d. 18-02-2002; 8. Bank Statement of the Banco Popular d.d. 18-02-2002; 9. Fax message to Mr. Jasper van der Meer, HJC Cyprus d.d. 29/5/2002, 13.36 News Release LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES tells of one man's quest for peace of mind LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES by John L. Van der Heyden ISBN 1-55212-939-X FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE P.S. As the consequence of Princess Diana's death the companies have not had any activities until now. Only some legal claims to be executed.

The first PURPLE GOVERNMENT of THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS. First row from left to right Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences JO RITZEN, Minister of Foreign Affairs HANS VAN MIERLO, Prime Minister WIM KOK, Founder Instituto Cervantes JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN, Home Secrtetary and Vice Prime Minister HANS DIJKSTAL, Minister of Justice WINNIE SORGDRAGER, Minister van Finance GERRIT ZALM. Back row from left to right Minister of Public Health and Sport ELS BORST, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Fishing JOZIAS VAN AARTSEN, Minister of Traffic and Water Management ANNEMARIE JORRITSMA, Minister of Defense JORIS VOORHOEVE, Minister of Economical Affairs HANS WIJERS, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour AD MELKERT and Minister of Development JAN PRONK.