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Joti Bryant Author Relations & Marketing Trafford Publishing Suite 6E, 2333 Government St. Victoria, V8T 4P4. Canada Date: 25 June 2001. Concerns: LETTERS TO DIANA. Reference: JH/JB20010625. Nijmegen Netherlands, Monday 25 June 2001. Dear Joti, With reference to our electronic correspondence with your message Hello Johannes, Unfortunately we do not have the time to read all of the material that we receive from authors. Once an author is signed up and the book goes to the pre-press department the technicians will glance at the pages as they are sorting out the pages, to make sure the alignment is perfect before printing, but we do not do a thorough reading of any of our authors' books -- unless we suspect the material is libelous, slanderous or pornographic! If you are looking for input I would suggest that you give the manuscript to a few trusted colleagues and friends and ask for their candid opinion. The photo you have chosen for the cover is a good one, the only thing I would point out is that the crowd is in shadow and you cannot see the faces. Can you get someone to lighten up the photo a bit perhaps? I hope this is helpful. Regards, I can let you know that I sent my manuscript to one of my friends of the Lions Club Maarn-Maarsbergen, Mr. Huub de Graaff. He will send his comment to Spain. Beforehand I herewith have the honour to send you the first sample of my manuscript Lettersto Diana, Princess of Wales with illustrations. Added CD contains my presentation before the mentionned Lions Club on last 5th of June. Please take your time to see it in PowerPoint on Macintosh. The text of the book you will find in WordPerfect as indicated on the cover of the compact disc. From next 12th of July till 13 September I will be in Spain again. Please send me your confirmation of receipt of this package. From Spain I will get in touch with you in order to make up a contract. Yours sincerely, John L. Van der Heyden.