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Instituto Cervantes NBLEW P.O. Box 689. NL 3500 AR UTRECHT KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS. Companies House Cardiff. Mrs. J. Llewellyn. Crown Way, Maindy. Cardiff, CF4 3UZ WALES UNITED KINGDOM. Concerns: ANNUAL RETURN Our ref.: ICNBLEW/CHC980925. Your ref.: REM2A/03300636. Date: 25 September 1998. Dear Mrs Llewellyn, This week I received above mentionned reminder notice of 21 AUGUST OF THIS YEAR directed to our office in 80 Sidney Street Folkestone Kent CT19 6HQ. In this respect I quote my letter ANNUAL RETURN (1).This situation still has not been resolved at my satisfaction. Therefore I sent last week the following registered letters to the Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister. As from the death of my proposed partner I delegated my authorities in the United Kingdom to the managing director of the Dutch Management Centre de Baak in Noordwijk Miss (or Mrs) Drs. E.H. Halbertsma to act on my behalf. I have not yet received a message that she has already done so. I hope she did. But according to the information that I have at this moment I declare that there still have not taken place any activities in the Limited. Yours sincerely, Johannes L. Van der Heyden Netherlands. Added: Balance sheet as at 31/12/1997. Copies of this letter to: Haags Juristen College, Laan van Meerdervoort 415, NL 2563 AR '-GRAVENHAGE, KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS; Drs. E.H. Halbertsma, managing director Management Centre 'de Baak', Koningin Astridboulevard 23, NL 2202 BJ NOORDWIJK, KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS; Drs. P. Ottenhoff, Manager Benelux, Schellingslag 10. 3991 RH HOUTEN, KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS.